“I wish the day would hurry up!”

Have you ever said or thought,”I sure wish this day would hurry up and end,” or,”I wish the time would hurry up!”? I have been guilty of saying and thinking that many times. I never really thought about the consequences of my wish; I just wanted to go home from work, get out of a tough situation, go on vacation, or something along those lines. What was I really wishing? I was wishing that a part of my life would pass me by. Do you realize that your bad days, your tough times, your boring workday, and your times of sorrow are all part of your life as much as the rewards, the vacations, and all the good times? They may not always be enjoyable, but tough times are part of your existence. It reminds me of the movie Click. Yea, it’s a bit corny, but has a good principle. If you go around cutting out all the parts of your life that are not fun, or completely enjoyable, you wake up asking yourself where the time went. Besides, the bitter and sour only make the sweet taste sweeter.


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3 responses to ““I wish the day would hurry up!”

  1. You are so totally right Phil. Not every day is going to be a perfect ’10’. Those perfect ’10’ days are essentially rewards from God for being able to deal effectively with those not so perfect days – those ‘8s’, ‘5s’, ‘3s’, and ‘1s’. It’s very important to talk to God on a regular basis – through the good times and bad. Satan is always hard at work, and he is always trying to bring us over (or back) to the dark side. We must always realize this and remember that God is our best friend in our Life. He will help us to get through the rough and tough times. He will reward us with those perfect ’10’ days. We just need to follow Him, listen to Him, obey Him, and love Him with reckless abandon.

  2. And you are correct in pointing out that just because we have hope for tomorrow in Jesus, we need to live our life today. God is present in the lives of his children. He is our PRESENT help in times of trouble.

  3. Ela

    That’s why I always praise HIM in the good, the in between and the bad.

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