Daily Archives: March 7, 2008

Changes in pressure yield results

What do olive oil, beautiful music, diamonds, pearls, a muscled frame (like mine), a rocket, and great character have in common? You cannot have any of these things without pressure. The olive fruit is pressurized to extract the oil; our ears perceive the beautiful tones of music which are produced through various amounts of friction, pressure, and rhythm applied against the surface of a stretched skin, string, or through a valve; diamonds are formed from carbon under pressure over time; a pearl is produced when a clam or an oyster protects itself from an irritant like a piece of sand pressing against its flesh; muscles are attained by repetitively pressing against resistance; rockets are literally controlled explosions which funnel pressure greater than the force of gravity on the vessel being launched.

Your character is developed by your reaction to the pressures of life. You can be like the jellyfish and just go with the flow, or you can be the one who develops great muscles and makes beautiful music by pressing back.


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