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Miami Hurricanes over St. Mary’s College 78-64

UPDATE: Miami wins!
UM 78 SMC 64

The expectations were low for the Canes this year. They were picked by almost anyone in the know to finish dead last in the conference. Instead, Miami turned out a good year with some solid out of conference wins against 8 seeded Miss St of the SEC, and NIT tourney VCU. The Canes first loss of the season came at game 13 making them one of the last 5 teams to lose a game. They hit a rough patch early in conference play, but turned out quality wins against VT (NCAA Tourney Snub), Clemson (#5 seed in the west), and Duke (#2 seed in the west). They dropped a couple games they should have won, which would have really made a difference in their tourney position. In any case, they should be able to handle the first round game over SMC to advance to the second round. It’s not likely they will get past a tough Texas team in round two, but it would still be considered a successful season. Success in sports is usually determined by expectations. Expectations that are met or exceeded = success. Miami has definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations this year regardless of what happens from here out.


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