If there was only one

Personal sacrifice is easier when we know it will make a difference to so many and it will be appreciated. Could you or would you sacrifice knowing that your offering would be mocked, rejected, unappreciated, and dismissed by the people for whom your gift was intended? Jesus did. He would have suffered inexplicable pain and torment and died even if YOU were the only one.

Today, let us celebrate for the gift Jesus gave on the cross.



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2 responses to “If there was only one

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  2. We will strive to have a body sitting in each and every theatre seat for each of the three services at Life Pointe Church on this upcoming Easter Sunday Morning, but even if there were a bunch of empty seats scattered around if just one unchurched person came in from the world and attended one of our services in order to be saved and reborn by Jesus and begin a personal relationship with Him then it will all be truly worth it indeed. If there was only one.

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