Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 3/23/08

What a great Sunday morning. I have a lot of thoughts going through my head, so I will attempt to focus.

  • The new sound system was great, after all the bugs were worked out.
  • The 8:30 service started without a sound check or a walk-through and the result was a little feedback and no volume for Jesse, until Zech came in and rescued us with a swap of mics.
  • 9:40 service was better, there was more energy, and the sound was a little more consistent.
  • 10:50 was slammed, and the energy was off the chart. The music was definitely rockin.
  • Jesse led us in Pride In The Name Of Love, Say So, and Holy Is The Lord in the musical portion of worship.
  • Julie led us in Wonderful Cross during the invitation for people to give their hearts to the Lord.
  • There was a large response for people wanting to give their hearts to Jesus.
  • The Cold Play song Fix You with clips from Passion of the Christ along with scriptures was moving, and it reminded us of the meaning of Easter.
  • The permanent light installation will make things cleaner on the floor, and will make it easier in set up.
  • Even with all the last minute rushing, technical difficulties, and hecticness (is that a word?) the whole morning was a walk in the park compared to Friday’s egg hunt.
  • There were a ton of new faces in church. I hope to see them all back with a friend next week.


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7 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 3/23/08

  1. Ela

    How awasome that JESUS was all over the place. It was hard not to go today specially since today is our 4th year at LIFE-POINTE and it seems like we have there forever. But we prayed, rejoiced and most of all thanked GOD for giving us his only SON for our salvation. I am so proud to be one of HIS children. Have a blessed Easter.

    MJuch love and many blessings,


  2. Ela,
    I missed seeing you there this morning and each Sunday. I wish you could be here with us physically, but you still make a huge contribution with all you do. Much love to you!

  3. A BASS GUITAR IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CHORDED, but Phil, dude, you rocked with those harmonics riffs coming off that bass. I watched and listened and said is that MY boy doing that? It was great.

    Friends from work come and said how much that liked Travis’ methods and message. I thought, again, was that MY boy wrapping the gospel up in this attractive package? Beautiful, again.

    If I get to go on to Glory today, I’ll do so with a smile and a grateful heart.

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  5. Whoever determined this morning’s songset during ‘Praise & Worship’ is a genius. Having a cover version of the U2 classic lead in to one of the fastest hand-clapping songs that we do (“Say So”) lead in to one of my all-time favourite singalongs (“Holy Is The Lord”) was pure genius. God heard us loud and proud this morning !

    You guys and gals in the band ROCK !

  6. Jesse put the music together. It was a blast this morning.

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