smothered thoughts

  • I ended up kayaking at Biscayne National Park instead of Black Point. I’ll throw out a couple pics later.
  • It started out peaceful around 2pm, but by 3ish the wind had picked up to around 15 to 20 mph. Dave had a difficult time navigating his canoe since his wife was watching the little ones and he was the only one in the boat with a paddle.
  • There were a few whitecaps splashing me. Good thing I left my phone in the car.
  • We didn’t see any crocs, eagle rays, dolphins, or sharks.
  • We found a nice cove in the mangroves where we plan on doing some snapper, snook, and shark fishing this summer.
  • Dave brought two female connections for my kayak paddle so we had to rig it to get it to work. We had fun anyway.
  • On the tourney tip, Tennessee is out, UNC is moving on.
  • To the ESPN Life Pointe crew, you were right about Georgetown. (Still scratching my head on that one.)
  • UNC vs Kansas for the whole enchilada seems like a pretty good bet at this point.
  • I watched Citizen Kane with Marcela last night. I will post my thoughts on that incredible film later.


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6 responses to “smothered thoughts

  1. Victor Calero


    The ESPN Lifepointe Crew is well versed on these matters, Citizen Kane…married life has affecting your thinking—-Citizen Kane is one of the best, if not, the best film you will ever see—Orson Welles is a genius….

  2. Victor Calero

    Oops—I meant Citizen Cane…

  3. I am Citizen Cane, not to be confused with Charles Foster Kane. And yes, I have to hand it to ESPN Life Pointe. They were on Pointe. Anyway, I guess I am still rooting for the dogs in this thing. If they can’t make a run, UNC is my horse.

  4. I would hardly consider myself or be considered a UNC fan. I don’t do bandwagons, unlike some people in So Fla who root for (eg) Miami Canes football, NY Yankee Baseball, Laker Basketball, UNC College B-ball, etc. (Not naming any names here.)

  5. I’ve been a fan of Yankee baseball when you were a twinkle in your parents’ eyes and rooting for the Lakers, NC and Canes football before u started kindergarten…….been thru all the good times and bad with all the teams…..

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