Top 5 Saturday – Reasons to visit/live in Homestead

5. Homestead/Miami SpeedwayIndy and NASCAR events.
4. It’s the gateway to the Florida Keys, some of the best fishing and diving/snorkeling anywhere.
3. Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park – the only habitat in the world where American crocs and alligators share the same waters.
2. Sun and fun in the winter months and all year. We have an annual average max temperature of 84.2 degrees and average minimum temperature of 63.3 degrees; it might get as low as 30 degrees every 20 years or so.
1. The most hoppin, kickin, rockin church on planet Earth. LPC is experiencing explosive and true growth. People are coming to the Lord for the first time or the first time in a long here. The pastoral team (Lead Pastor Travis, Pastor Paul, and Pastor of Arts Jesse) is incredible. The music is lively, stimulating, and meaningful. The volunteer teams are the best. This group of believers loves God and fellow man without regard to status or background. The Sunday morning experience is worth the trip, from wherever you are!


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3 responses to “Top 5 Saturday – Reasons to visit/live in Homestead

  1. Those are all fantastic reasons to visit or live in Homestead (and Florida City, and the surrounding South Miami-Dade County region).

    Once upon a time in a previous life I decided that Panama City Beach was where I needed to be. After that it was Melbourne-Cocoa Beach. Then it was Orlando. But they were for all of the wrong reasons. I always said that the only thing that Homestead had was my cat and my job. If it weren’t for them then I’d be outta here.

    Fast Forward to my new Life of the past 19-months, and there’s no other place on this Earth that I’d rather be than right here in Homestead Florida U.S.A. Everything that I want – Everything that I need – It’s all here. God is here.

  2. Anne

    For me: the weather, the diverse culture, my church, my family…not necessarily in that order (gotta say family first)

    I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else in my life!

  3. Jo Sullivan

    Wish I was there… sigh. I really miss all my family there in Homestead.

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