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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 3/30/08 by Marcela

I wasn’t able to be at church this morning due to the necessity of bill paying. I spent my beautiful Sunday at the plant. Marcela said she would provide today’s Talk Soup.

By Marcela Johnson

Let me just first say that I was coerced into contributing to this Sunday’s blog… the things we do for love.

  • This morning I arrived at church just in time for the first service.
  • I rushed to get my morning cup of joe (caffeine being a necessary part of the daily routine to keep me sane), and proceeded to sit at the back aisle of the floor section with the rest of the Johnson women.
  • Jesse, Alex (the human metronome), and the rest of the Band were rocking the service with : 1 Friend of God, 2 Trading My Sorrows, 3 Say So (which was very energetic and got the crowd going), and 4 How Great Is Our God.
  • After the music, Jesse proceeded with the announcements. Let me just say that contortionist/comedian Jim Carrey has nothing on Jesse Santoyo.
  • Jesse has a way of contorting his body and face in such a way that he can resemble a blockhead, an alien, and a shrunken head in just a matter of seconds.
  • Beetle Juice I am having strange flashbacks to the movie “Beetle Juice“.
  • Who knew there were so many odd folk at Life Pointe? 🙂
  • Pastor Travis continued the service with the message “Why Did Jesus Come to the Earth?” The basic theme was that Jesus was sent from heaven to earth on a mission by God the Father but that in doing so He also came to fulfill three roles: as prophet, as priest, and as King.
  • Many times we may accept Jesus as prophet and King but not as priest (or vice-versa). In essence, we need to open all of ourselves to Jesus and not keep anything hidden from Him.

Thanks Marcela! I will see all of my LPC peeps next Sunday. Don’t forget to check out Pastor Trav’s wrap, Chris’ Tossed Salad, and Ritz’s Goosfaba.


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