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Deep Thought

If you ever catch on fire, try avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that’s what really throws you into a panic.

-Jack Handey

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Profiles LPC/HCOG: The Recap

I have only been doing this blog for a couple months. This week I am going to just do the lazy thing and redirect some of you who have only recently been visiting the site. So, no new material this week.

Frankie France

Ela Ortega

Gene and Margaret Hadsel

Christmas in Homestead 1992

GTWGH Thanksgiving 1992

Bob Baker

Arlene Rance

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The Streak at the U

Hurricane fans can sit back, take a deep breath and relax now. The University of Miami, aka NFL U, aka “The U” is notorious for it’s pipeline to the NFL. UM has the most players selected in the first round of a single year (6), the most first round selections in a 2 year period (11), and the most first round selections in a 3 year period (15). Since 1994 at least one player from the University of Miami has been selected in the first round of the NFL free agent draft. The streak now stands at 14 years with the selection of Kenny Phillips by the New York Giants.

They are called quarterback U, linebacker U, wide receiver U, running back U, tight end U, and so on because of the dominance of Miami at each of these positions over the past 25 years. It just became easier with that big orange and green U on the helmet to call Miami “The U”. Is there any question why they are called NFL U?


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NBA Playoffs update and a little historical perspective

NBA Playoffs Shaq Garnett Kobe

Yesterday, it was the Cleveland Cavs over the Wizards in the east now up 3-1, the Suns avoided the sweep moving to a 3-1 deficit by blowing out the Spurs, New Orleans pushed forward to a 3-1 lead winning against Dallas, and with the win against the Sixers Detroit ties the series 2-2 and avoided going down 3-1 in a series they should not be struggling with. In the other series, Orlando is up 3-1 against Toronto, the Lakers might be ready to sweep the Nuggets up 3-0, Boston is up 2-1 against Atlanta, and the Jazz hold a 3-1 advantage over Houston.

If you go by historical statistics, the Lakers and the Spurs are locks to move on. No team has ever come back from 3-0 to win an NBA series (0 for 81 attempts all time), and only 3 teams have come back to tie. Only 8 teams in history have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a series with the Phoenix Suns being the last team to do so in 2006 against the Lakers.

What does this mean? Nothing really. Records are meant to be broken. It would be great to see some lowly team like the Hawks beat the Celtics, or the Nuggets to become the first team in NBA history to come back from an 0-3 deficit (They would become only the fourth 8 seed in NBA history to beat a 1 seed, if they can get past that never-before-done comeback from 0-3). These series are not over until that 4th game is won. Until then, history is only history. Papers and stats do not win games. No team is safe or eliminated until the series is over. But the reason the 0-3 comeback has never happened, the 1-3 comeback rarely happens, and the 8 seed almost never beats the 1 seed is because the teams going up 3-0 and 3-1 are obviously the better team. The 1 seed is usually light years ahead of the 8. That’s what is so surprising about the east this year. The 1 seeded Celts and 2 seeded Pistons are so much stronger than the rest of the east that they should be cruising. Instead, the Celts have dropped one of the first 3 games of the series to a mediocre at best Atlanta team and the Pistons with the second best record in the NBA were down 1-2 against a team with a losing record. They even had to struggle just to tie the series at two a piece.

In the long run, I fully expect the Lakers, Hornets, Jazz, and Spurs to advance in the West. The Spurs might struggle a little to put away a tough Suns team. I also expect the Cavs, Pistons, Celtics, and Magic to advance in the east setting up some really cool matchups.

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Life Pointe Sunday Talk Soup – 4/27/08

  • I got to the theater a shade before 8 AM. Jesse, Alex, and Bill were already there and things were ready to go.
  • Jesse led us in music this morning and Alex played drums this week. Outstanding work Alex. We sang “Friend of God“, “In The Secret” and “Better Days”. For communion we sang the U2 song “All I Want Is You” and “Your Love Oh Lord“.
  • Bill joked that we learned something today: that every that can be sung song segues to a U2 song, and Alex will figure out which one.
  • Once again, the 1030 service was jumping. No offense to the 9. The 9 has been slamming before, but the 1030 has been on a roll!
  • I really had a blas worshipping with my LPC homies this morning. Church Rocks!
  • Trav spoke on the series “Simply Jesus” again. The question today was “Why is Jesus a superior Savior to other all other religions’ saviors?
  • Scripture was presented which stated that Jesus was the only way, and this in the world’s eye is bigoted.
  • Budism says there are 84,000 paths to salvation
  • Best point of the day from my point of view was the analogy of a man drowning. The drowning man does not need someone standing over him saying there are 84,000 ways to be saved. He wants the one man who can save him to reach down and pull him out.
  • Tom Cruise was referrenced a couple times, and Trav said he is happy enough just seeing Tom jumping around on a couch on Oprah.
  • The sound system tweaks and permanent installation have really paid off.
  • I believe this is the first time my blog was referrenced in service. He mentioned my Top 5 post and specifically quoted the redneck saying “Would ya please pass the jelly?
  • Make sure you get your salad to go with your soup!

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Top 5 Saturday – TV commercials in my lifetime

I can’t give you the greatest commercials ever, because there are too many commercials of which I am not aware or have no connection since I am only 32. So these commercials in my top 5 are the ones which are most memorable to me.

5. 1984 won’t be like 1984 – It was the year of the Olympics in LA, and it was the year Apple introduced the Macintosh. It’s a seriously good commercial that still holds up technically. If it had either more substance or more humor to it I would have listed it as my #1. Regardless, it was a brilliant commercial. When I watch The Matrix and Neo is freed, I am reminded of this commercial. It has the same feel. Everyone is trapped and everything is being spoon fed to living yet mindless robots. FREE YOUR MIND!

4. “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” Grey Poupon is so fine, it’s even made from white wine. “But of course!” This is one of life’s finer pleasures. How do I know? Because some guy in a Rolls-Royce has it in his glove box. Seriously though, who hasn’t pulled up alongside you and asked for some Grey Poupon? Happens to me all the time.

3. “Wassuuuuuuuup“. I don’t drink and I don’t make the suggestion that you drink. I am not endorsing Budweiser. But this commercial was bigger than the beer! Growing up, everybody had a set of buddies and they had their own way of communication, and their own style. There were a couple others in this series: “Wassabi“, “Wassup Girlfriend“, and my favorite of the series “What are you doing?” This commercial still makes me smile because it kind of reminds me of some of my old friends. This is one of many hilarious and memorable Budweiser commercials, including the Bud-weis-er frogs, “I LOVE YOU MAN!”, and Cedric the Entertainer shaking it up on a date. But this one kind of filtered into everyday life. Don’t tell me you have never called someone on the phone and said “wassuuuuuuuuuuup!”

2. “Would you please pass the Jelly?” In a southern somewhat hickish accent, a young feller asks the rich hosts to pass the jelly, when he should have said “Pass the Polaner’s All Fruit.” My family still jokes about this when we get together for breakfast. Don’t dare call it jelly!

1. This Wendy’s commercial became a social statement, a metaphor, and so much more than just a commercial about hamburgers. To this day politician and officials are asked this simple question when it is apparent theya have more style than substance. That’s why it’s #1. “Where’s the beef?”


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Karaoke on a Friday!

Kelly, Trav, Marcela, my mom, Kourtney and McKenna all had a great time after eating at Cracker Barrel, celebrating my mom’s birthday.  Trav’s rendition of “That’s Amore” brought down the house.  Your’s Truly sang “I Will Always Love You” just like Whitney Houston, the crackhead version that is.That\'s Amore!

The highlight was Travis singing Adam Sandler style, tippity tappity, what???

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All the Way Thoughts

  • This concludes my Waffle House themed thoughts. I am going to have to come up with a new theme.
  • Blog traffic hit an all-time high on Saturday almost doubling my previous high.
  • Blog traffic on Sunday nearly doubled Saturday’s record traffic.
  • Traffic spiked for several reasons: The situation at Biscayne Bay with our Baptism, my top 5 annoying songs generated traffic from a Melanie Safka fan site (some of them were upset that I would state “Brand New Key” was an annoying song), and a link from a sports blog called “Heard in the Cheap Seats” linked my opinion about the Pistons loss to the Sixers and the unbeatable Boston Celtics.
  • Night shift is turning my brain to jello. I sit in a box 12 hours a night usually alone.
  • Night shift has been good in a way, because once again I can go to church every Sunday; I’m just so tired when I get off work that as soon as the 1030 service music is over I have to go home and crash!
  • I’m blogging from my BlackBerry again tonight. It’s a good thing I have this thing or the jello that was once my brain would be totally liquified.
  • Have I mentioned how much I like my BlackBerry Curve? ATT was giving a free refurbished Curve or BlackJack II with each new or extended contract. Unfortunately that deal ended today.
  • If you have a Yahoo Messenger account, feel free to add “dont_touch_the_ibis” to your friends list. That would be me, and I have messenger on my phone. In the middle of the night I get bored many times so I’m looking for someone to chat with while I am passing my 12 hours.
  • Vic is getting a little crazy about the Lakers as a 1 seed in the west beating an 8. Calm down Vic!
  • Hillary is hanging in there having won Pennsylvania by nearly 10 pts, but word on Drudge is that Pelosi, Dean, and Reid are going to try and put an end to the race and push it to Barack Obama.
  • The Texas polygamist case is going to be a nightmare statutorily for the courts, attorneys, judge(s), investigators, and case managers. How do you take a system in a small county meant to handle a handful of cases a day and throw in over 400 children and family members, and still make deadlines, ensure everyone is fairly represented, and make sure that everyone involved is qualified and not overworked?
  • The word for the week is RICE. Make sure you are stocked up! Just kidding. Seriously though, according to FOX News this morning, COSTCO and Walmart are rationing rice because some people and restaurants were buying it by the pallet. Rice is up 70% at the grocery store since this time last year.
  • Next week, I will be redesigning a few things on my blog.
  • I am still tweeting on Twitter.
  • It’s been pretty chilly and windy here at the plant around 5am.
  • Today was my mom’s birthday. Be sure to wish her a happy 29th birthday!.


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Deep Thought

“I believe in making the world safe for children, but not our children’s children.  Because I don’t think children should be having sex.”

Jack Handey

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Profiles LPC/HCOG: Frankie France

Frankie France was one of the “HCOG Volunteer Hall of Fame” members, at least in my book.  Sister France was a member of Homestead Church of God (now Life Pointe) before my dad moved to Homestead to become the pastor in the summer of 1986.  She was about 5 feet tall, and she had gray hair, and she was… hmm, how do you say… spunky!  Our first week in Homestead here at the church, Frankie told my dad that she was going to run him off.  She declared that she was the meanest!  Just five minutes or so hanging out with her and you knew that was not true!

She had a fiercely independent “can-do” style about her that is pretty much non-existent these days.  That was probably because she grew up Kentucky in without electricity, without running water in her house, and she had to ride for miles on a horse every day just to get to school.    My dad called her “The Kentucky Wonder”.  Before retiring, she managed a restaurant, so she knew lots of tricks about consolidating several small amounts of condiments into one bottle, and how to make candy, and how to fix large quantities of food for church dinners.  She always had an angle at how to do stuff.  As she was getting up in years, she was determined to be at church and to get around on her own in her car as long as she physically could.

As far as her volunteer work, as a classroom monitor she spent every school day at Pathway Christian School, which was a ministry of our church, helping the little ones learn to read and keeping the rowdy teenage boys (who were of course unlike me) in line.  Every day she would collect coupons from boxes, newspapers, mail-outs, and store papers to cut them out and and redeem them for a fraction of a penny each to the company of origin to donate some money to the Florida Boy’s Ranch.  She was always first in line to donate some canned goods for food drives even though she was on a very meager fixed income.  Anytime the church had an activity that required workers, she was there to clean up, or cook, or do her part and more to help with the work day.

One of the most endearing characteristics she had was her spunky attitude and sense of humor.  I remember one time I was leaning back in my chair at school talking to one of my neighbors when Sister France came up behind me and popped me on the head with a booklet.  She laughed and told me to get back to work.  But Sister France always had my back.  For years after we joked about her popping me in the head with the booklet, even when she was in a retirement home.  She never did really give me a hard time, although she would joke a lot about giving me a tough time.  Travis and I adopted her as our Homestead granny and she adopted us back.  I guarantee you this; if anyone messed with my dad, they would have to go through Frankie France before they got to him.  She was loyal as loyal could be.  And she always had a good joke or a story.

Due to a condition that caused her vision to deteriorate, Sister France eventually had to give up driving at night, then altogether.  Soon, she was no longer able to read her bible.  After a few years, she was totally blind and unable to take care of herself.  I regret to this day that I didn’t visit her more than I did, because every single time I went to see her in her little room at her retirement home, she would get me to laugh and joke, and we would have such a good time.  And I loved to go see her.

For years, she was an integral part of the church, tithing faithfully though she was on a very limited fixed income, and providing ladies’ meetings with some of the best jokes and nuggets of wisdom.  She exemplified the attitude that we should all have, loyal to God, her church, her pastor, and her friends, and loving God and man with reckless abandon.  About four years ago, Frankie France went on to meet Jesus.  I want everyone to remember this awesome woman who meant so much to my church, my family, and me.  I challenge each of you who read this and myself to carry on the legacy of Frankie France with faithful giving, volunteering, loyalty, dedication, and cheerfulness.  One day, I will see her in Heaven.


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