Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

Chunked Thoughts

  • I am planning on taking a trip to Universal for the new Simpson ride this summer. I can’t wait!
  • If you get the chance, go to Robert Is Here and order the black sapote with mamey milkshake. It’s rich, sweet, and really creamy.
  • Marcela and I got to feed an emu and several goats at Robert is Here. That was pretty funny. Marcela was scared of the emu.
  • I’m thinking; in order to believe that universal government paid health care is a good thing, you just have to totally shut your brain off and ignore the history of the total inefficiency and incompetence of the federal government.
  • I hope Jason Taylor is successful in Dancing With the Stars. I haven’t watched any of the episodes, but I disagree that he should be focusing on football considering how horrible the Dolphins are. It will not matter how much he focuses on football; the Dolphins are not going anywhere this season anyway.
  • Marcela makes some really good salsa.
  • If your looking for one more thing to blow your time on the internet, go to Twitter and sign up for a free acount. You can follow me; my username is Citizen_Cane.
  • Why do people pronounce jewelry JOOLERY?
  • What’s the deal with all the crane accidents lately? Crane collapse in NY, then one in Miami, and now another crane accident in Aventura.


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