Chunked Thoughts

  • I am planning on taking a trip to Universal for the new Simpson ride this summer. I can’t wait!
  • If you get the chance, go to Robert Is Here and order the black sapote with mamey milkshake. It’s rich, sweet, and really creamy.
  • Marcela and I got to feed an emu and several goats at Robert is Here. That was pretty funny. Marcela was scared of the emu.
  • I’m thinking; in order to believe that universal government paid health care is a good thing, you just have to totally shut your brain off and ignore the history of the total inefficiency and incompetence of the federal government.
  • I hope Jason Taylor is successful in Dancing With the Stars. I haven’t watched any of the episodes, but I disagree that he should be focusing on football considering how horrible the Dolphins are. It will not matter how much he focuses on football; the Dolphins are not going anywhere this season anyway.
  • Marcela makes some really good salsa.
  • If your looking for one more thing to blow your time on the internet, go to Twitter and sign up for a free acount. You can follow me; my username is Citizen_Cane.
  • Why do people pronounce jewelry JOOLERY?
  • What’s the deal with all the crane accidents lately? Crane collapse in NY, then one in Miami, and now another crane accident in Aventura.


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4 responses to “Chunked Thoughts

  1. Anne

    Jason Taylor is one of my favorite “Dancing with the Stars” stars–hope he’s one of the finalists

    Marcela’s a good cook; you are, too. Looking forward to tasting the salsa.

    Why investigate any “giveaway” from the government…they can think better for us than we can…they can also spend our money for us better than we can 🙂 (everything’s free, right?)

    Robert is Here….yummmmmmmmm (they had a really good two man jazz group there last Saturday; somedays they show old cars.) A fun place to go

  2. If you think that health care is expensive now then just wait to see how expensive it will be once it’s ‘free’ ! Ask the Europeans how much ‘free’ health care actually costs !

    Apparently you and Marcela are excellent cooks. Guess what ? I’m an excellent eater. I’m available on selected nights for dinner. I eat my best food at other people’s homes and in restaurants.

  3. Anne/Mother,
    I have seen some of the old cars, and one time they had an old guy playing the guitar and covering old rock tunes with a very country twang.

    Well in that case you will have to come over for dinner on a selected night.

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