Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 4/6/08

  • The new speakers were installed and sounded great.
  • I can’t really see much from the stage due to the lights. It’s pretty stinkin’ bright up there!
  • We have a lot of work as a band and vocals to bring excellence, but we are better than we used to be.
  • Jesse led us in worship this morning with the songs: “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?“, the chorus to “Where the Streets Have no Name” by U2, “Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing)“, and “Majesty“.
  • Reina sang “What If God Was One of Us?” He was one of us, and He said the way we treat the least among us we are doing it to Him.
  • Regarding the U2 song “Where the Streets Have no Name”, the song was about the city Belfast, Northern Ireland where you could tell what religion and economic status a person was based on the street on which they lived. Bono wanted to express that his desire to go to a place where status was not based on the location of your home, or street name. HEAVEN! As a follower of Jesus, I am no better than anyone else based on my economic status or where I live. As I have heard said many times, the ground at the foot of the cross is level.
  • I took the announcement challenge this week, and failed.
  • During the invitation, Jesse led “Your Love Is Extravagant“.
  • It was nice to see teenagers expressing their worship during music. What an awesome encouragement!
  • Coffee today was tasty as always and was gone by the second service. Apparently, we have some serious caffeine addicts!
  • Today was another installation of the Message: Simply Jesus.
  • The message today focused on Mary and what the Scripture has to say vs what tradition says about her life. Essentially, in the Protestant tradition we may under emphasize the role Mary played where the Catholic tradition over emphasizes Mary’s role.
  • We learned that the scripture doesn’t teach that Mary remained a virgin the rest of her life.
  • According to the scripture, while Mary was a person just like us, she should be an example of faith not an object of faith.


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2 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 4/6/08

  1. Ela

    Thanks for the rap-up. Can’t wait to hear it. It’s such a blessing to be able to hear it, it makes my heart feel awasome.
    Tell Marcela I said hi.

    Much love and many blessings,


  2. Anne J

    Your announcement video was good! No more complaining. Just do it again…see what happens. Practice makes perfect!

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