NCAA Championship

Here is the scoop. Kansas plays some great team defense, and really does function as a team. Memphis has superior talent and is one of the most physically athletic teams to play college ball. Calapari is a competent coach, but apparently his strength lies in recruiting thes outstanding individuals. He did the same at UMass. When Memphis is rolling, they are almost unstoppable. I believe that Memphis will jump out to a quick lead and Kansas will have to buckle down and play smart basketball the rest of the night just to stay in the game. Memphis will beat Kansas by double digits. Memphis will finish the season with an NCAA record 39 wins.



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6 responses to “NCAA Championship

  1. Victor Calero

    Agreed–Memphis by 10-12…

    BTW, it’s Memphis, not Memphis State…

  2. Memphis went through a name chage a few years ago and I still think of it as State. I’ll update the post anyway.

  3. Victor Calero

    Should be a great game…Memphis has a great offense—Kansas’ guards will try to press, but I dont think they’ve got the horses…

  4. Victor Calero

    Great game!!!

  5. I got to watch the first half only. I saw hilights of the game. Apparently, Calapari should have had his kids foul Kansas before they could throw the 3 point shot up for the tie. What was he thinking. Calapari IS NOT a great coach. He is a great recruitor and a decent coach in spots.

  6. Victor Calero

    That has been his “cross” to bear…

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