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I ate a piece of old Homestead today

This afternoon I had lunch with Paul and Chris at an internationally unknown restaurant in the heart of old Homestead. I guess you could say we had a piece of old Homestead for lunch, literally! This place doesn’t understand the concept of a normal portion, and neither Chris, Paul, nor myself showed restraint. As Victor would say, this is the stuff that legends are made of. The location? The White Lion.

The good news is that before we pigged out on our meals, we started out with a workout. The bad news is that “the workout” is the name for one of their tasty appetizers where they take something completely healthy (broccoli) then batter and deep fry it. Let me tell you, that was some seriously tasty broccoli! Then we proceeded to eat our meal (I had a french… er, I mean freedom dip), followed by dessert. We all indulged. Chris had peach cobbler with ice cream while both Paul and I had a brownie with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I almost had to be wheeled out of that joint! Paul and Chris were able to keep up with me. That didn’t surprise me so much with Paul, but I was shocked to find out that thin fella Chris Day either has a hollow leg or a tape worm. All three of us cleaned our plates.

Following the meal portion of lunch, we talked and talked and talked. Paul and I talked about Lee University, Dr. Barnett, and we actually realized that we walked together in the graduation ceremony in May 98. The three of us discussed how we would change the world by bringing all people together in harmony. Finally, we compared features on our wireless personal communication devices. Paul has a cumbersome Palm Treo with a touch screen and lots of organizational features, I have a sleek Blackberry Curve with some neat email, messaging, GPS, and data features, and Chris has a stylish vintage cellular phone that makes calls. 🙂

Three and a half hours after we met, it was time to split so I could pick up Marcela in order to prepare our taxes. I will save that story for another blog. But in the end, we realized that we’d have to do it all again sometime… lunch and the taxes. Hopefully we’ll do lunch sooner than filing the taxes.


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