Top 5 Saturday – Local Restaurants 4/12/08

In the wake of yesterday’s feast, today’s top 5 will be about Homestead’s best non chain restaurants. As always, this is based on my opinion (which is almost always right).

5. Nasbar Pizza – Located in the strip beside Sonny’s BBQ on US1 by Walmart, this is some of the best pizza anywhere. The cheese is plentiful and the toppings include real sausage and kalamata olives. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth the extra dough to get their pizza dough!

4. Capri – This Italian joint on Krome Ave south of Downtown is a little more on the fine dining side than the other Homestead selections. It’s also the only selection on this blog that’s in Florida City. The prices are reasonable, the food is very good, and the atmosphere is top quality. You can also regularly see many of Homestead’s elite, top-notch politicians, former mayors, and city councilpersons here. You can also see them at Publix.

3. The White Lion – Discussed on this blog yesterday, this restaurant is tucked away in old Homestead by Homestead Middle just off Campbell Drive. The menu is creatively worded, the service is extremely friendly, and the food is home cooking meets gourmet. They also don’t underfeed you here, so bring your appetite.

2. Mario’s – Cuban food! The location is US1 and NE 11th St. It’s on the old site of Howard Johnson’s Restaurant and the location of many a failed endeavors. Mario found the right formula: good Cuban food, good service, good prices, and a clean atmosphere. It’s also open 24 hours.

1. El Nachito – Tell Frenchie that I sent you when you go. This is some seriously good food, and friendly service, all for the lowest price.
Location is 12795 SW 280th St, Homestead, FL. It’s just down the road from the BX Mart at the Homestead AFB in a shopping strip. They serve the best seafood enchiladas, and the burrito a la verde is my wife’s favorite! Have all the chips and fresh salsa while you wait, it’s on the house. When you are finished, you gotta try the banana burrito or the fried cheesecake.


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7 responses to “Top 5 Saturday – Local Restaurants 4/12/08

  1. Ela

    El Nachito is the very best Mexican food ever. MI FAVORITO ES LA CHIMICHANGA DE POLLO CON SALSA VERDE. We also tried the fried cheesecake!!!!!

  2. 5. I’ve been there a few times since they opened. I usually get their pasta though. I tried their pizza delivery service once. I got a cold pizza delivered within 3 hours. That was the last time that I had anything delivered to me from there.

    4. I’ve been there more times over the past 21 years than anywhere else on your TOP 5 list. It’s the place to go when you have visitors in town. It’s a slice of New Jersey in Florida City.

    3. I go there perhaps twice a year on special occasions. P.S. My birthday is coming up on June 05TH.

    2. (NE 11TH St.) I’ve been there a couple of times, and I wasn’t impressed with either the food or the service. It’s been several years since I was last there.

    1. I’ve been there about 3 times – and always with Paul. If you ever want to do a quick hour-long Lunch during the week there then call me or text me on my cell phone a few hours in advance and I’ll meet you there.

  3. re Nasbar, I’ve never used their delivery service but their pizza is outstanding. Will have to try the pasta. On Mario’s, I got a phone call about NE vs SE 11th. I’ve been on the SE side of Homestead so long that I’ve forgotten my directions. As for El Nachito, I will gladly take you up on it.

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