Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup – 4/13/08

The change in shift from day to night allowed me to be at church this morning, where regularly I would have to work during these hours. Jesse spoke today and needed to focus his attention on studying his message and preparing his mind and emotions to deliver the word. In that way, it was a good thing that I was switched to nights so I could be able to help out.

  • Reina led music this morning since Jesse was speaking.
  • We planned on having a three piece band this morning, Bill on the bass, Mike on the drums, and myself on the keys. But Jesse’s little Bro Alex filled in on the guitar and did an excellent job.
  • We sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart“, “I Could Sing of Your Love“, “We Are Hungry“, and during communion “Here I Am To Worship“.
  • Jesse was able to sit out during music, and he was missed, but music was still a blast. The band rocked this morning and Reina was on fire.
  • The music in the 10:30 was super fantabulous and everything just sort of came together and flowed.
  • Jesse continued the message series “Simply Jesus”.
  • We watched Hollywood’s interpretation of a glorious death that allowed the freedom of captives. Some of the more intense scenes from Braveheart and Gladiator were shown.
  • Jesse talked about God sending his only son who knew no sin to die for us.
  • He emphasized that Jesus was not murdered. The bible says that no man took Jesus’ life, but that He laid it down.
  • Jesse did an awesome job. Maybe he should do it again.
  • I didn’t get to go to the baptism since I had to get home for a couple hours of sleep prior to heading to work.
  • You have to check Ritz Crackah’s Sunday Goosfaba or Chris Day’s Sunday Life Pointe Tossed Salad for their perspective on Sunday’s service and info on the baptism.
  • Paul let me know he would be blogging about the baptism on Monday.  Be sure to encourage him to make it a habit by leaving him a comment on his blog.

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One response to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup – 4/13/08

  1. Anne J

    Sunday morning service was good…saw lots of people I’ve never seen before (neat!). Reina did a great job leading; the band rocked; Jesse touched our hearts. Volunteers were superb as usual!

    I didn’t get to go to the park either because I was getting laryngitis (now I can’t squeak a word). Imagine that! I did hear a little more about what happened, and it was ridiculous, so it will be interesting to see its conclusion. (we had a camera running to document the happenings) I’m sure it was an eye opener to some regarding the way Christians are treated.

    Well, a great day still!

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