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Peppered Thoughts – 4/16/08

  • In the month and a half of this blog, today’s traffic was the highest.
  • The traffic was high for three reasons that I know of: 1 Traffic from Pastor Trav’s page due to the interest of his meeting with county park officials over the baptism Sunday; 2 Ela’s post generated tons of traffic and comments because she is so loved; 3 my Top 5 Saturday Local Homestead Restaurants was linked from Menus Page (not spam) as a good starting point if you’re looking for a good place to eat in Homestead.
  • It’s hard to post links from a Blackberry unless you know the addresses really well and you know HTML code. I don’t know either very well.
  • This situation makes me sick! These women appear to have been brainwashed and the children have been abused.
  • Trav’s new look on his blog is cool, but the old look was easier for my simple brain to follow.
  • Twitter will not be a fad that dies. At least it will not be anymore of a fad than texting, blogging, or myspace.
  • I want to make money, but I don’t want to work overtime at night. I would rather be at home with Marcela.
  • This is coming up on the worst time of the year as a sports fan. Basketball in college is done, the NBA post season will be over, no football, and we will have a summer of useless baseball regular season games.
  • I plan on vacationing for a week in DC this summer.
  • I also plan on fishing and diving as much as I can afford this summer.
  • Shaquille O’Neal is a pretty slick guy. Shephard Smith asked him on FOX News today who he was voting for and he said “The winner!”
  • We’ll see how long he can go without endorsing a candidate. Too bad other athletes and stars don’t just shut up and play/sing.


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