Saturday Top 5: Most Annoying Songs 4/19/08

5) Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic This could drive anyone insane!

4) Brand New Key – Melanie Safka – How can anyone think this is good music, if you are older than 10?

3) Good Morning Starshine – Oliver – If you do too many drugs while reading Dr. Seuss, this song is the result.

2) Reach Out of the Darkness – Friend and Lover – Groovy Man! These songs from the late 60’s and early 70’s were far out! I mean REALLY far out. I think they were trying to make a statement with this one.

1) Party All The Time – Eddie Murphy – Eddie Eddie Eddie, you leveraged your fame as a comedian to produce a hit song. This song makes me want to hit something!

Honorable mention
Supermodel – Rupaul (I didn’t post a link to this because it is utter trash. If you feel like you can handle a drag queen singing a horrible song, you can look it up! It would have been my #1 song but I didn’t want to have it linked.)

Achy Braky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus – Once this song is in your head, you cannot get it out. It’s a pretty simple song though. Simply bad!

I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred – This may be an example of how the most ridiculous junk can become a hit.

I would like to add that anything by Sean Kingston or Shaggy could trump all the above entries. They are a little too racy for me to add to my list so I left them out.


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16 responses to “Saturday Top 5: Most Annoying Songs 4/19/08

  1. When I saw “Brand new key”,by Melanie on your list, I just had to laugh. I remember when this #1 hit came out. I was in the 12th grade. I was a teen in love with Melanie and her music. They played this song at least twice every hour of the day and night on radio. I thought to myself,”This frigging stupid song is going to ruin Melanie”, and it pretty much did. It was so sad to hear people say,”Melanie is bubble gum, she sucks”. The sad thing was that she WASN’T bubble gum. She had many hits before,”Brand new key”. People just forgot how cool she was because of this song.

    Melanie deserves a second look.

    Please visit my little site and maybe you could find it in your heart to forgive her for writting this silly song.
    Thank you for the read. I enjoyed it.

  2. You’re not getting my bud light!

  3. James, I will forgive her for the song on these conditions: if she already has the rights to it or can obtain the rights to it AND files a court order to have all copies and renditions of it removed from the archives. 🙂 Maybe that’s a little harsh, but that’s how I feel! I just listened to Lay Down and I have to say that it grooved pretty good. I kinda liked it.

  4. Mike, I must have made it to the big time to have a visit and a comment from the Grand Dog.

  5. That’s funny man. Give up the rights to a song (silly or not) that continues to make money to this very day? Would you? lol I sure wouldn’t. That song has been used to sell everything from cell phones to childrens toys.

    Lay down IS a great song. I’m glad you like it. I have extra Melanie CDs from the early 70s. I have 3 of her best that I can send you if you want. You might like her.
    Maybe you could write a review. I like the way you write.
    1 Candles in the rain
    2 Leftover Wine – LiveCD
    3 Gather Me

  6. pete

    Brand New Key? A light piece of fluff? Of course it is. But, annoying? Not really. I haven’t listened to that song in a long time, so, I pulled out from the dusty bins, the album that contained that song. It was on an album entitled “Gather Me” and I must say that album was great. Melanie’s insight into the human condition(Steppin’ & Some Say) is just incredible. Brand New Key might be fluff but the rest of the album (except for Baby Day) is quite incredible.

  7. Incidentally Melanie actually has a Homestead connection. She has performed LIVE at least a couple of times at (the former) Main Street Cafe in old historic downtown Homestead. She apparently has friends that live in the area.

  8. Pete, I’m going to go with myself on this one. On an annoying scale from 3 to 7 with 5 being the highest, this song was definitely 4 stars and two thumbs in your ears. Also, I don’t like protest music, although I like many of the message songs of U2 and Bob Marley.

  9. pete

    Bono has good intentions, but his political rantings are inflated. Melanie wasn’t really a protest singer. That was Joan Baez and Buffy Saint Marie.

  10. I figured practically all singers/songwriters in the late 60’s and early 70’s were: a) on drugs, b) protest singers, c) both.

    Bono is far too liberal and self-important, but Where the Streets Have No Names, Pride in the Name of Love, and Sunday Bloody Sunday were pretty good messages.

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