Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 4/20/08 Part 2

It was great for Marcela and me to hang out at our lunch table with Jesse, Reina, my mom and dad at the Capri this afternoon for the Life Pointe Membership Luncheon. Our church’s doctrinal beliefs were discussed, as was the membership covenant. Anyone wishing to join as a member was asked to commit to being a part of the church’s mission and to serve as a volunteer. Members at Life Pointe aren’t pew warmers! Our table at the luncheon talked about such enlightening subjects as Napoleon Dynamite, Dumb and Dumber, cell phone ringtones, and of course music! I was so tired that I think I drifted off while my brother was praying. It was such a good prayer, if he could have just prayed another 5 minutes I would have been totally out of it!

For Part 1 Click Here


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2 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 4/20/08 Part 2

  1. Ela

    I think that next time there is a membership luncheon I should attend. (Does it matter that I’m already a member?) Or should I apply as a volunteer)? Or just for the food? Interesting my dear Watson, very interesting.


    Love ya both,


  2. ritzcrackah

    But we don’t have any pews…O_o

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