Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 4/20/08 Part 1

  • I arrived at the theater at 7:33 AM ready to get my bass hooked up.  Everything in Pier 2 was ready to go.
  • Chris is going to Twitter one of these days.  I guarantee it!  His response? “Es posible.”
  • Music was awesome this morning, energy was high, Jesse was back in charge, and we had a great time.
  • Alex played drums in the 9AM and Mike played in the 10:30.
  • Jesse led us in Those Who Trust, Say So, Holy is the Lord, and for communion we sang Your Love is Extravagant.
  • Travis shared about the latest on the Baptism at Bayfront, and his meeting with Miami-Dade Parks. I could feel a lot of solidarity from the stage to the seats.  We have your back, too, Trav!
  • A large civil defense firm contacted the church and is willing to represent us for free if we need to go down that route.  All options are being weighed.
  • Travis brought another message in the series “Simpy Jesus” and spoke about other religions views on where Jesus is.  Apparently Jesus helped the Steelers win the Super Bowl a couple years ago.
  • With references to celestial sex and the metaphysically challenged, Travis became the Dennis Miller of the church realm.
  • More to come after the membership luncheon, I hope.


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4 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 4/20/08 Part 1

  1. I don’t think that we have ever been louder than we were during the 10:30 AM service this morning during the peak of “Holy Is The Lord”. We could have probably been heard from the parking lot out front !

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  3. We have been louder… you can trust me on that. At the old property we were about twice as loud on several occasions. The acoustics were different there. Today, the drums were boomy and it cause everyone to want to turn up their instruments to compensate. Alex was telling me that it had something to do with the electronics resetting themselves on the roland.

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