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NBA Playoffs are underway.

Last night, the Sixers shocked us all and beat Detroit on the road.  Honestly, nobody really saw that coming.  The 76ers finished with a losing record this year.  Detroit is viewed by some as a legitimate threat against the Celtics.  With 59 wins, Detroit has the second best record in the NBA this year, only behind the superstar-packed Celtics.  Is this win significant?  I’m not sure, but I would guess that it isn’t.  I have a hard time contemplating any team taking a healthy Boston Celtics team down this year, though.  That’s regardless of the first game loss to the Sixers. Part 1 of the Dime gives a different opinion.


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“Big hitter, the Lama”

My brother wrote about how he landed yet another awesome piece of memorabilia. I’ve hooked him up with an Alonzo Mourning (one of my all time favorite NBA players) autographed photo, Hurricane player autographs, and Victor hooked him up with some really cool stuff including a team autographed Hurricane helmet and a Dr. J autographed basketball. Now he has an autographed book from “The Lama” himself! In honor of my brother’s new stuff, I wanted to post an important message about the Dalai Lama from Mr. Carl Spackler.


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