NBA Playoffs are underway.

Last night, the Sixers shocked us all and beat Detroit on the road.  Honestly, nobody really saw that coming.  The 76ers finished with a losing record this year.  Detroit is viewed by some as a legitimate threat against the Celtics.  With 59 wins, Detroit has the second best record in the NBA this year, only behind the superstar-packed Celtics.  Is this win significant?  I’m not sure, but I would guess that it isn’t.  I have a hard time contemplating any team taking a healthy Boston Celtics team down this year, though.  That’s regardless of the first game loss to the Sixers. Part 1 of the Dime gives a different opinion.


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11 responses to “NBA Playoffs are underway.

  1. Vic, to me that is laughable. The Lakers will not even make it out of the west.

  2. In the grand scheme of things, I think you are right, this loss means little to the outcome of the playoffs. If anything, it might help the Pistons kick that nasty habit of playing down to the level of their opponents. I do think if the Pistons get it together, they will challenge the Celts in the East.

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  4. Chris Iafolla,
    They can challenge the Celts in the east if they play focused defense. They tend to get complacent and that is no way to play NBA playoff basketball. Just for the record, your article seems to insinuate that I am one of the bloggers flinging hyperbole, and I think I have done the exact opposite.

  5. Apologies if it came across that way–I linked you in the next sentence to separate you from those that have been (including myself as I mentioned).

    You are right, the Pistons have a nasty habit of playing down to their competition. Maybe this loss to the Sixers will be their wake-up call.

  6. Dont be too harped on the Celtics—it’s not like you havent been wrong about basketball before—hey, I’m not perfect, but it’s not like I’m jockeying for position to be Christ’s official NBA handicapper either…

  7. #1 God already knows who will win and by what score.
    #2 He already told me.

  8. Victor Calero

    #1—God does know who will win and by what score
    #2—God didnt designate franchising rights to you…
    #3–Your sports acumen has been severely hampered by too much work or hits by Marcela with either the baking pin or broom…

  9. Victor Calero


  10. Aren’t you getting a little too excited over a first round win?

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