Life Pointe Sunday Talk Soup – 4/27/08

  • I got to the theater a shade before 8 AM. Jesse, Alex, and Bill were already there and things were ready to go.
  • Jesse led us in music this morning and Alex played drums this week. Outstanding work Alex. We sang “Friend of God“, “In The Secret” and “Better Days”. For communion we sang the U2 song “All I Want Is You” and “Your Love Oh Lord“.
  • Bill joked that we learned something today: that every that can be sung song segues to a U2 song, and Alex will figure out which one.
  • Once again, the 1030 service was jumping. No offense to the 9. The 9 has been slamming before, but the 1030 has been on a roll!
  • I really had a blas worshipping with my LPC homies this morning. Church Rocks!
  • Trav spoke on the series “Simply Jesus” again. The question today was “Why is Jesus a superior Savior to other all other religions’ saviors?
  • Scripture was presented which stated that Jesus was the only way, and this in the world’s eye is bigoted.
  • Budism says there are 84,000 paths to salvation
  • Best point of the day from my point of view was the analogy of a man drowning. The drowning man does not need someone standing over him saying there are 84,000 ways to be saved. He wants the one man who can save him to reach down and pull him out.
  • Tom Cruise was referrenced a couple times, and Trav said he is happy enough just seeing Tom jumping around on a couch on Oprah.
  • The sound system tweaks and permanent installation have really paid off.
  • I believe this is the first time my blog was referrenced in service. He mentioned my Top 5 post and specifically quoted the redneck saying “Would ya please pass the jelly?
  • Make sure you get your salad to go with your soup!

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One response to “Life Pointe Sunday Talk Soup – 4/27/08

  1. Bill Finch

    Still trying to figure out going from “Shout to the Lord” into “Bullet the Blue Sky”.

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