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Saturday Top 5: 80’s Music

The 80’s were a time of excess, a time of American renewal, and a time of really cheesy music and parachute pants. Here it is. The blog entry that I expect and hope to be critiqued by one of my favorite bloggers. He’s an expert on pop/rock music and the 80’s would be in his wheelhouse. I thought about breaking it down to Rock or Pop, bands or solo, but let’s just throw them all together.

5. Tears for Fears. When I hear a song by these guys, it just makes me feel like I have been transported through space and time right to the 80’s. The music has become a little better over time, and I even get in the mood to pop in “Shout” or “Everybody Wants to Rule the World“.

4. Billy Idol. A little more edgy than Tears, but so 80’s you’ll feel like you should be paying 90 cents for a gallon of gas. I think he really wanted to be a punk rock Elvis. Fortunately for us, although he may have been a punk his music was not really. Look at that lip curl! He sang some pretty cool tunes that are currently in my home and car rotation. “White Wedding“, “Rebel Yell“, and of course “Mony Mony“.

3. 38 Special. Rockin’ in the south! These guys made music that still stands the test. They were classics, and they didn’t have that cheesy 80’s sound. You can’t help but feel happy when you listen to tunes like “Caught Up in You” and “Hold on Loosely“, that is unless they bring back some really messed up memories. OK, if you want to feel a little broken, listen to “Second Chance” or “If I’d Have Been the One“.

2. Van Halen. How could I leave out the best rock group of the 80’s? I guess they will always be remembered most for their time with DLR as the front man. What other grown man could do a split or 15 roundhouse kicks in 10 seconds? Eddie was the best guitarist of the 80’s and he even added to the aura of the #1 on my list with one of his classic solos. Most of their best tunes were covers from previous greats. But that’s ok. Some of my favorites were: their cover of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” (and I already know it was 1978 Chris!), their cover of the Motown hit “Dancing in the Streets“, their cover of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman“, “Jump“, and **WARNING** “Hot for Teacher“.

1. Michael Jackson. Even though Michael had hits in the 60’s with his brothers, and the 70’s solo, he was essentially the music of the 80’s. No, you could not resist the evil of the Thriller. This guy was so BAD, even though he’s a little confused. Turns out that he wasn’t such a Smooth Criminal. I still dig his music, even though he’s fruitier than a cake at Christmas and he probably sees a different Man in the Mirror every time he looks. Explain to me why you think I’m wrong if you don’t agree with me, but you don’t have to pack up and Beat It (see Eddie Van Halen perform a killer solo!). But of all his 1980’s hits, “Billy Jean” was my favorite.

Now I dare you to tell me why I am wrong. Tell me that I should have put the Boss in my list. Go ahead and ask me how I could have left out INXS, Duran Duran, Prince, or Loverboy. I dare you! Or you can just do the right thing and agree with me.


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CIA: al-Qaeda is being defeated

Here is something you won’t see on the mainstream news (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC). For some reason, US success in Iraq and Pakistan/Afghanistan is not reported on balance but the American deaths, setbacks and struggles are reported at every turn. The news media was also very reluctant to admit that the surge was having positive effect.

The article warns against complacency. It also states that Iran is aiding the militants with weapons, training, and people. But on the whole, we are really kicking some hind parts over there.

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NBA Finals

The Lakers are the first half of the finals. As they have done in years past, the Lakers got past their opponent with a little help from their friends (refs). I was wrong to think they couldn’t make it out of the west.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same for the Celts in the east. The NBA has to be seeing $$$ in their beedy little eyeballs!


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Basketful of Thoughts

-I’ve been reflecting on my time as a case manager with CHARLEE and considered whether I should write out some of my memories and experiences in what was one of the toughest and rewarding jobs I have had.

-Case Managers for DCF and the private agencies that care for abused, abandoned, and neglected children are some of the kindest, most caring, and under paid people in FL.

-If you could have seen and experienced some of the things that I did while at CHARLEE you would probably feel the same way.

-Marcela claims she is not going to play Mario Kart ever again because it cheats against her. I told her she should quit using the steering wheel and start using the nun chuck.

-I was going to purchase 2 more Wii remotes and 2 nun chucks, but then I changed my mind when I saw that each remote is $40 and each nun chuck is $20. Wow!

-My little cinnamon peach faced love bird has been acting extremely territorial of her cage for the past few weeks. Last night when I got home, I saw why. She laid 3 little lovebird eggs.

-Does anyone want a cinnamon peach faced lovebird? She’s really cute and she can make breakfast for a Liliputian.

-I can’t wait to be back in church this week. Missing church every other week is the one downer to day shift.

-I got a recognition at work today along with $14 in cafeteria certificates for reporting a safety concern that everyone else in security has been reporting for over a year. I guess I just talked to the right person.

-Several guys at work said I need to buy everyone lunch since I was the lucky winner for reporting something that everyone else reported before.

-Only about 2 weeks are left until “The Happening” and “Incredible Hulk” come out. I’m going to see those. Anyone want to come?

-I’m trying to get a fishing trip together for Monday. I hope the weather calms down. 8 foot waves can be really good for the natural chum (barf) but it isn’t really that much fun.

-San Antonio is about to get finished off. After losing at home a couple nights ago in a game that they blew again, they are down 3-1. This series could just as easily have been 3-1 with SA up. I don’t believe they can recover from the latest heart breaking loss. They need two road wins and a home win to stay alive. That’s probably not going to happen since LA has not even lost at home in the entire playoffs.

-Boston only needs to hold serve with 2 games remaining to finish off Detroit. They are now up 3-2 with one home and one away game left. The Pistons came up a couple points short last night having come from 14 points back in the 4th quarter.


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Deep Thought

“I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.”
-Jack Handey


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The bond of a mother and child

A child can be severely abused, both physically and sexually.  A child can be neglected to the point that they don’t even know what it’s like to live like a human.  Yet, if you try to take a child from his mother, he will fight you.  He will fight you to get back to his mom.  He will leave a good clean home with food on his plate and a warm bed to sleep in and clean clothes to go to school in just to get back to the home where he was abused and neglected.  I know this may not be the case 100% of the time, but it is a pretty solid rule.  A child that is abused thinks that it is normal.  That is the only life they know.  And the bond between a mother and child is very strong, even when the mother is incapable of showing that child love.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14


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Detroit vs San Antonio is still strong possibility

OK, at this point LA looks to have a stronger position than SA, and Boston looks to have Detroit on the ropes.  Both of the #1 seeds (LA and Boston) maintain a straight home advantage.  Also, LA has not cracked at home this year, and Boston has only lost once at home.  But I have to say that Detroit appears to have the big mo on their side, and if San Antonio had been able to convert their free throws and hold a near insurmountable lead in game one, they would be up 2-1 and would have home court advantage.  SA needs to continue to play lights out and keep their foot on LA’s throat once they get a lead.  Otherwise, LA will win another come-from-behind classic since they have the very best clutch player in basketball (Kobe).  Boston has not looked like a 60 win team this whole playoffs, much less a 66 win team.  They broke the jinx and won on the road.  Now they have to figure out how to stop McDyess along with all the other vets on the team with so much experience.

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Sunday’s Life Pointe Talk Soup

-By Marcela
Well,Sunday Phillip had to report to duty at Turkey Point. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my co-host responsibilities for Sunday’s Talk Soup… I was busy volunteering with the Cactus and Succulent Society at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. (Sorry, my green thumb had to be put to action. )

Sunday’s message was titled “A Person Often Meets His Destiny On the Road He Took to Avoid It”.  The band rendered an awe inspiring rendition of “Where the Love Lasts Forever”. The music sounded great considering several band members were missing: Phillip, Bill, and Reina. 

As usual, the cafe section was busy with plenty of caffeine addicts rushing in for their morning cup of Joe. The bagel area seems to be a hit with the public as they can choose from a variety of flavors: plain, wheat, cinnamon raisin, and strawberry. Let’s just say that anyone who comes to Life Pointe doesn’t go home hungry!

Pastor Travis began his last sermon in the “Fortune Cookie” series by introducing an analogy: our lives as the cookie,  our future as the fortune, and the hand holding the cookie as Jesus. The sermon continued with an interesting viewpoint of author C.S. Lewis (best known for “The Chronicles of Narnia” series). Trav told of how at about 10 years old, Lewis’ mother died of cancer- a tragedy that affected the child until his early 30’s leading him to become an atheist. At this point , Lewis was a bright scholar, actively reading and becoming involved with academics and profusely evading anything to do with religion. Somewhere around his early 30’s, Lewis had a talk with J.R. Tolkien (author of the much loved “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”)  and Hugo Dyson (an English academic who just “happened” to be Christian). Through these two scholars, God worked on  C.S. Lewis, making him aware of his sinfulness and awakening in him a thirst for Christ as Savior. At this point, Lewis became inspired by the Holy Spirit and even described this experience “as a man who after sleeping for a long time, lying motionless in bed, becomes aware he is awake”.

Pastor Trav pointed out that God’s love is indestructible, expansive, persistent , overwhelming and counter-intuitive. Many times the road we take to avoid Jesus is the same road He uses to bring us back to Him… bringing new meaning to the point that “God works in mysterious ways”. So just remember, as much as you try to avoid God, He is looking for you, and eventually… you will find Him!

For another perspective, check out my fellow LPC bloggers:
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Stay tuned!

The “Sunday Talk Soup” will be written tomorrow.  Marcela is writing it since she was at church.  Sorry I could not get it done today.


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Saturday Top 5: Classic Arcade Video Games

In keeping with this weeks theme of video games (in case you didn’t know, I got a Wii) the top 5 list today will be my favorite 5 classic arcade video games. I wasn’t a big time arcade junky, mainly because my parents didn’t let me throw away my money in there every week. But I do remember growing up in the 80’s that in every mall there was one place always booming with business, the arcade! I was thrilled when my dad would give me a buck or two to spend because that meant I could play 4-8 games. It was a major treat when dad would give me $5 because you would usually get 25 tokens for a 5 dollar bill at most arcades. That would last about 2 hours. I liked to try all the games that looked interesting in the arcade, so I never got to be super proficient at any one game, unlike my dad who was a missile command genius! With that lengthy intro, these are my Top 5 classic arcade games.

Honorable mention goes to Pacman. I know a lot of you out there think I’m nuts for not making this one #1, but this is my list! 🙂 I can still hear the sound effects of this game as the little yellow character chomped on the white pellets. It was definitely the most popular arcade video game ever do to its crossover appeal to both male and female. It did not make my number 1 because the buzz had worn down on this game by 1984 or 85 when I started playing some video games. It was still one of my favorite games. I never really could get how some of those serious Pacman’ers became so good that they could flip the game several times.

5. Missile Command. Defend your cities against missile attacks. This was obviously a game capitalizing off the nuclear scare of the Cold War. My dad was so good at this game that I believe he was the reason they started charging .50 per game. He would stretch a game out so long that there was a line of people waiting to get to the machine.

4. Centipede. Now this was a game I was a little better at. If you could get the centipede to line up in the right spot, you could eliminate him with some rapid fire. The thing I hated was those dumb fleas that would drop to the player level and leave new mushrooms after you spent a good deal of effort clearing previously.

3. Galaga. This was a sequel to another great arcade classic “Galaxian”. I didn’t really understand why there were bees, flies, and mosquito-like creatures flying around in space shooting at me, but I really enjoyed this game. Of course I always let them abduct my ship if I had a second one available, because that was how you got the double fighter. Also, with the double fighter that was about the only way to rack up the points on the bonus rounds. The original Galaxian was a lot like Space Invaders but it had vivid colors, better music and sound FX, and the dive-bombing elements. Galaga improved Galaxian with graphics, sound, rapid fire game play, bonus rounds, and the abduction/rescue which let you have two fighters side-by-side.

2. Asteroids. This was a great game! With a little practice, I was good enough to crack the high score. I also really enjoyed this game because the fighter was not confined to a track and could go anywhere on the board. Even though it was in monochrome colors, I thought the action and sound were cool. Besides, the Atari version was close enough of a replica that when I got to play it on the console, my skills translated pretty well.

1. Donkey Kong. My number one choice for Classic Arcade video games is the inspiration for so many spin-off games and characters that are still popular today. Donkey Kong introduced not only the title character, but also the super popular Mario and his girlfriend which went on to become Peach. This was a fun arcade game. Since I was not an arcade maniac, I never totally mastered this game, but between Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. I spent most of my arcade tokens. In Donkey Kong, you are Mario. Peach has been kidnapped by the gorilla Donkey Kong. Your job is to run through what appears to be levels of scaffolding jumping over barrels that the gorilla has thrown at you in an attempt to reach the top and rescue your girl Peach. In a sequel released the year after the original Donkey Kong, you are Donkey Kong’s son “Jr”. DK has been captured by Mario and you are attempting to free him from the cage by swinging from vines and springing in the air. Both of these games were addictive, innovating, and fun. Nintendo was also sued by Universal Studios for copyright infringement. Nintendo successfully argued that King Kong was in the public domain and had already been declared so by Universal.

Some of the great games of all time were omitted from the list due to my personal preference. But there are many other great games that would bring back some memories of playing (or many times just watching) at the arcade: Qubert, Dig-dug, Joust, Tank, Tempest, and Space Invaders just to name a few. Those games by today’s comparison seem so simple and silly, but they were innovative and intriguing back then.


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