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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

30 speaking on faith and destiny.

  • I arrived at the theater at 7:50 AM to find Bill and Alex already set up in the main sanctuary.
  • Quite a few people made the jump from the 10:30 to the 9.
  • The 9 actually had as much energy as the 10:30, if not more. It was really kickin!
  • Jesse led worship with Alex on the drums for the 9 and Mike on the drums for the 10:30.
  • We started with an original loop that Jesse wrote, while he invited everyone to get ready. It was pretty slick, kind of reminded me of The Dave Matthews Band.
  • First song we sang was “Always Greater“, then we sang a very energetic “Open the Eyes of My Heart“, followed by “When I Think About the Lord“. For communion we sang “Enough“. To close the service we totally jammed to “Better Days”.
  • The announcement video was so funny. Jesse did an awesome job of telling everyone what is going on at Life Pointe while keeping us entertained.
  • Reina‘s intro video got some solid laughs. Great video!
  • Trav spoke about fate and destiny. Woven into the story was the tale of Hillary Clinton picking the only female horse to win the Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, it broke its legs and had to be put to sleep on the spot while coming in second to a horse named “Big Brown”. TRUE STORY!
  • The main point of the message was that even though God is omniscient (all knowing) and knows how your future will turn out, your path is determined by your next actionable decision.
  • Your future is changeable.
  • We should not be asking why God would send someone to hell, but rather why would people reject the “life preserver” that Jesus provides us while we are drowning.

Overall impression: This was one of the best Sunday morning messages in a long time. Exciting, funny, full of scripture, engaging, heart warming (especially in reference to Tom’s conversion and baptism experience), and exciting. I can’t wait until next time I get a chance to be with you all at Life Pointe in the theater!  For another perspective on Sunday morning, visit Chris Day’s Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad.


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