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State of the Blog Address

-Today is my first day back on day shift. I will no longer live the vampire’s life. I should be able to continue writing at work depending on my post assignment.

-Blog traffic was higher than normal over the weekend. Previously in the past week, I had hit a three week low in traffic right after a record high. Kind of strange.

-I have been keeping a blogging schedule which included an entry on Tuesday’s which profiled a person or event at Life Pointe/Homestead Church of God. While I am not ending those entries, I will not be writing them on a weekly basis.

-Marcela will have to write the Talk Soup this Sunday. Due to my work schedule, I will not be able to be at church every other Sunday. This Sunday will be my first Sunday back on days. I’ll miss it a bunch. Especially since Bill’s band “The Messengers” will be leading praise and worship and this will be week two of “Fortune Cookie” the series. The first week was awesome!

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