State of the Blog Address

-Today is my first day back on day shift. I will no longer live the vampire’s life. I should be able to continue writing at work depending on my post assignment.

-Blog traffic was higher than normal over the weekend. Previously in the past week, I had hit a three week low in traffic right after a record high. Kind of strange.

-I have been keeping a blogging schedule which included an entry on Tuesday’s which profiled a person or event at Life Pointe/Homestead Church of God. While I am not ending those entries, I will not be writing them on a weekly basis.

-Marcela will have to write the Talk Soup this Sunday. Due to my work schedule, I will not be able to be at church every other Sunday. This Sunday will be my first Sunday back on days. I’ll miss it a bunch. Especially since Bill’s band “The Messengers” will be leading praise and worship and this will be week two of “Fortune Cookie” the series. The first week was awesome!

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One response to “State of the Blog Address

  1. Anne J

    You will be missed this Sunday, but it’s great that you will get to spend your waking hours now during the daylight. That means we actually get to see you more often, too. Thank goodness that you can catch up with the messages on podcast or vidcast….

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