Where did we get off track, America?

Today, I don’t think I will produce a silly quotation from Jack Handey. In light of super liberal Barack Obama’s big win in NC which has most pundits believing that the race is over in the Democrat party, and also in light of John McCain being a somewhat liberal Republican senator with the nomination sealed, I decided to drop a quote on you from one of our founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson said,”That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”

It seems to me that not only do our people not discipline themselves, we also do not have a government that governs least. Where did we lose the way? FDR? LBJ? We hand out money either in cash assistance or various programs like Head Start, AFDC, food stamps, medicaid, medicare, Social Security, and soon-to-be Universal Healthcare to almost anyone who applies. We throw the guilt trip on anyone who is in opposition to wasteful spending in the form of these socialist redistributions of wealth. Their proponents accuse opponents of hating the poor and harming the children. If you oppose high taxes, you are accused of favoring the rich. The class warfare has begun!

Neither McCain nor Obama will govern in accordance with the above quote. We can count on more taxes, more spending, more programs, more government noses in our business, and there is not a lot we can do about it. Unfortunately, I’ve been left with the reality that I am voting for the one who will do the lesser amount of damage to the nation, rather than the one who will get this mess turned around.


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5 responses to “Where did we get off track, America?

  1. LL Phil J,
    I think that I could talk Politics with you for hours on-end. I have a feeling that we are within the same general political plane. I don’t know many people like that. Compared with most people that I know I am a radical. Over the past 21 months or so I’ve gone from being a mere radical to being a member of the ‘extreme fanatical religious right-wing’. I’m good like that.

  2. Bill Finch

    “LL Phil J” (I really wish I had come up with that)

    Yep… you’re spot on, and there’s a lot more of us fanatical, rabid, religious, right wing, conservative, disenfranchised, whacko lug nutz than the Major realizes.

  3. LL Phil J was a nickname I had back in high school. 🙂 I knew Chris and Bill and I were on the same page pretty much. And isn’t it crazy how rationality and logic is considered radical now? Beckie, welcome aboard the coo-coo express. Please keep all limbs inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

  4. I keep my political thoughts to myself at the workplace because I am pretty much surrounded by the enemy. I have to listen to the dark side all day long at work. They think that I’m one of them because I’m silent on it all.

    I’m part of the silent majority of this country. The loud minority would have you believe that the entire world agrees with them and their various issues. That’s my biggest problem with the other side. It’s not really what they believe that I have a problem with but the fact that they are just so arrogant to believe that everyone else agrees with them.

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