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Saturday Top 5: Funny Songs

These songs make me laugh, smile, and sing along. So here are my top 5 funny songs.

5. Keep Your Hands To Yourself – The Georgia Satellites. It’s a funny song with a good message and an annoyingly catchy tune that I have found myself humming a time or two. A little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll.

4. You Be Illin – Run DMC. In the Golden Era of Rap, when all the most popular rappers were happy and talking about shoes, clothes, cars, or their girlfriend, this song was the jam back!

3. Cotton Eye Jo – Red Nex. This song doubles for funny and annoying and could easily have made the list a few weeks ago. In any case, hillbilly square dance meets house music in this totally off-the-wall song.

2. White and Nerdy – Wierd Al Yankovic. This parody of a popular rap tune “Riding Dirty” by Chamillionaire is almost too true, in my case. Wierd Al had a lot of hilarious parodies and originals that would be a good fit for this list, but the message in this song is just too legit to quit.

1.This song made #1 partly because of its history in my house, growing up in the church, partly because my dad’s love for this guy’s music rubbed off on me, and mostly because it is just hilarious. The video makes it even funnier. So here is the choir of the Pascagula First Self Righteous Church backing Ray Stevens singing “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival”.

I had to stretch myself a little so that I didn’t pick only Ray Stevens and Wierd Al songs. Nobody writes a better parody song than Wierd Al and nobody writes songs about humorous southern culture better than Ray Stevens. Rap and Country music are apparently very funny to me.


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