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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

This week’s “Soup” will be brief.  I will give you the run down on a few brief events this morning and then I gotta hit the hay.  4 AM comes early these days.

  • I arrived at the theater at 7:24 AM and the hospitality set up was already in full swing.
  • The 9 AM service was fully engaged in the music portion of worship, and the 10:30 AM service was also extremely energetic.
  • The intro video starred Reina. It was very well done.3
  • Once again, the announcement video was hilarious.  Alex took cues from Jesse with his trusty sidekick Mike giving emphasis where needed.
  • Jesse led music, with Mike on the drums for both services, and Bill was on the guitar.  The band was really kicking in high gear this morning with some energetic music.
  • We started with “Trading My Sorrows“, then went into “Say So” with the whole church declaring that I AM REDEEMED and finished with “Where The Love Lasts Forever“.
  • For communion we sang “You Are All I Need”.
  • Travis spoke this week on the third message in the series “Fortune Cookie”.
  • Nobody can separate us from God’s grip, but we can remove ourselves.
  • Jesus is not safe, but he is good.  We read the parable of the talents and were instructed not to hide the things God has given us to keep them safe.  Risk them because it is OK to fail, it leads to some our biggest success.  A safe life does not produce success.  As the servant who safely returned the amount given to him, we will have what was given to us taken from us and given to the ones who produce.
  • You cannot produce without risk.

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