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Hard Boiled Thoughts

-It’s been extremely hot lately.
-A new piece of equipment has been added to my required list of items I wear already weighing 30+ pounds.
-The few extra pounds wouldn’t be so bad if it were not a vest that retains heat and moisture. Some of the spots in the power block where I patrolat the plant easily reach into the mid 100’s to 110 degrees. I have been drinking water like a camel lately.
-Weeeeeeeeee! The Wii is so much fun.
-Marcela and I have systematically been going through and playing the games that came with our new game system. So far we have played lazer hockey, fishing, target shooting, a tank game, bowling, boxing, tennis, baseball, golf, and Mario Kart.
-I still have to open Spiderman, Banana Balls (or something like that), Game Party, and Sonic.
-I plan on having a Wii night with as many people as I can fit in the house. I guess I better ask Marcela about that first. 🙂
-Hillary continues to win big in the “battleground states”. Obama continues to win in the states that Democrats have either not at all been competitive or already have locked up. To me, that’s not a good sign for the Democrats.
-If the Democrats want to put up their best candidate, they should choose the person who is most popular in those necessary “battleground states” like FL, Ohio, West Va, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Colorado, etc.
-The Spurs had what it took to win on the road against the Hornets, but the Lakers took the win out of their sails coming from 20 back with only 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.
-When you have a 20 point lead in a road game against a quality team like LA you shouldn’t squander that chance.
-Let’s see what Detroit has against Boston, now.

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