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Sunday’s Life Pointe Talk Soup

-By Marcela
Well,Sunday Phillip had to report to duty at Turkey Point. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my co-host responsibilities for Sunday’s Talk Soup… I was busy volunteering with the Cactus and Succulent Society at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. (Sorry, my green thumb had to be put to action. )

Sunday’s message was titled “A Person Often Meets His Destiny On the Road He Took to Avoid It”.  The band rendered an awe inspiring rendition of “Where the Love Lasts Forever”. The music sounded great considering several band members were missing: Phillip, Bill, and Reina. 

As usual, the cafe section was busy with plenty of caffeine addicts rushing in for their morning cup of Joe. The bagel area seems to be a hit with the public as they can choose from a variety of flavors: plain, wheat, cinnamon raisin, and strawberry. Let’s just say that anyone who comes to Life Pointe doesn’t go home hungry!

Pastor Travis began his last sermon in the “Fortune Cookie” series by introducing an analogy: our lives as the cookie,  our future as the fortune, and the hand holding the cookie as Jesus. The sermon continued with an interesting viewpoint of author C.S. Lewis (best known for “The Chronicles of Narnia” series). Trav told of how at about 10 years old, Lewis’ mother died of cancer- a tragedy that affected the child until his early 30’s leading him to become an atheist. At this point , Lewis was a bright scholar, actively reading and becoming involved with academics and profusely evading anything to do with religion. Somewhere around his early 30’s, Lewis had a talk with J.R. Tolkien (author of the much loved “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”)  and Hugo Dyson (an English academic who just “happened” to be Christian). Through these two scholars, God worked on  C.S. Lewis, making him aware of his sinfulness and awakening in him a thirst for Christ as Savior. At this point, Lewis became inspired by the Holy Spirit and even described this experience “as a man who after sleeping for a long time, lying motionless in bed, becomes aware he is awake”.

Pastor Trav pointed out that God’s love is indestructible, expansive, persistent , overwhelming and counter-intuitive. Many times the road we take to avoid Jesus is the same road He uses to bring us back to Him… bringing new meaning to the point that “God works in mysterious ways”. So just remember, as much as you try to avoid God, He is looking for you, and eventually… you will find Him!

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