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NBA Finals: The 80’s Return!

It’s set.  Thursday night we get a glimpse at the past with the Celtics and the Lakers in game one of the NBA finals.  I know the NBA has cha-ching in their ears and $$ in their eyeballs.  I don’t remember a time when the NBA playoffs fell nearly perfectly in line with the seeding, almost all home teams advancing, and no upsets except San Antonio over New Orleans.  This should be an entertaining finals.  My predictions in the NBA and college tourney this year have been uncharacteristically BAD, but even some of the best hitters went through slumps.  The only way out of a slump is to keep swinging away.
So here is my call.  The Lakers have been playing very well in the playoffs (and most of the season); the Celtics are getting hot at the right moment.  That sets up some good basketball.  The Celtics have been nearly unbeatable at home, and they have home court advantage.  The Lakers have faced tougher competition all season long and in the playoffs.  Home court is huge.  I gotta go with the Celtics in this one.  It will go the distance, Celtics in 7.  If the Lakers break the Celtics service, they will be way too strong at home for the Celtics to win.  Kobe and the boys will be more likely to win on the road than Garnet’s bunch.  So IF the Lakers can take one of the first two from the Celtics, it will be the Lakers in 5.  Let’s see if the refs keep cheating for LA as they did in the series against the Spurs, or if they give the Celtics a chance in this one.

How’s that for equivocation?

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