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Socialism vs Capitalism

Socialism: does not breed laziness, it just does not put up any barriers to block the laziness that is naturally inside of man; does not encourage innovation or ingenuity; becomes a corrupt system when a few greedy people get tired of not being rewarded for their superiority; naturally cannot work; has no basis in biblical principle; leads to stagnation economically and in medical and technological advancement; is a system where misery is equally distributed.

Capitalism: puts a laziness filter on man; allows for the industrious to advance; is supported by biblical principle; will win out over a socialist system economically any time and actually benefits the greater good for the most people; allows for more personal liberty and freedom; leads to more medical and technological advancement; allows for true benevolence; is a system which allows for the pursuit of happiness.

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Game One NBA Finals

The Celtics started off hot and jumped to an early lead. With a good solid run in the first half led by Kobe, the Lakers took a 6 point halftime lead. I fell asleep at the half fully expecting to wake up and see that the Lakers had won. Paul Pierce being the great player he is hits a third quarter 4 point play and the Celtics were looking good. Next was what I missed, a Willis Reed type of moment. In the third quarter, the Celtics Captain/shooting forward Paul Pier collided with a teammate and had to be wheeled off the court to the locker room. Had I been watching I would have thought the Celtics were finished. Then Pierce hobbles back on the court and proceeds to nail two three point baskets and inspires his team to a 10 point win.

Game 1 goes to the home team. I believe the Celtics need to hold home court especially in game two. If the Lakers win the next game, we will see a series that is over in 5.


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