Game One NBA Finals

The Celtics started off hot and jumped to an early lead. With a good solid run in the first half led by Kobe, the Lakers took a 6 point halftime lead. I fell asleep at the half fully expecting to wake up and see that the Lakers had won. Paul Pierce being the great player he is hits a third quarter 4 point play and the Celtics were looking good. Next was what I missed, a Willis Reed type of moment. In the third quarter, the Celtics Captain/shooting forward Paul Pier collided with a teammate and had to be wheeled off the court to the locker room. Had I been watching I would have thought the Celtics were finished. Then Pierce hobbles back on the court and proceeds to nail two three point baskets and inspires his team to a 10 point win.

Game 1 goes to the home team. I believe the Celtics need to hold home court especially in game two. If the Lakers win the next game, we will see a series that is over in 5.


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2 responses to “Game One NBA Finals

  1. UTP

    It wasn’t that back and forth as it sounds…Celtics were the better team fundamentally and they executed…

    Lakers didnt bring that much to the floor to win a Finals game…

  2. UTP,
    While that may be true (and I have no reason to doubt that it is), the Lakers had all the Month going into the second half. I was really big on Boston until the playoffs started. They have done horribly on the road. It’s a good thing they have home court advantage. From my POV, the Celtics are playing their best ball right now. But then again, so is LA. It should be a super finals.

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