Socialism vs Capitalism

Socialism: does not breed laziness, it just does not put up any barriers to block the laziness that is naturally inside of man; does not encourage innovation or ingenuity; becomes a corrupt system when a few greedy people get tired of not being rewarded for their superiority; naturally cannot work; has no basis in biblical principle; leads to stagnation economically and in medical and technological advancement; is a system where misery is equally distributed.

Capitalism: puts a laziness filter on man; allows for the industrious to advance; is supported by biblical principle; will win out over a socialist system economically any time and actually benefits the greater good for the most people; allows for more personal liberty and freedom; leads to more medical and technological advancement; allows for true benevolence; is a system which allows for the pursuit of happiness.

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  1. bkdude

    I believe that capitalism will continue to work for a while, as it allows more innovative ideas making our lives easier, but as our lives do become easier, socialism will become inevitable.

    One contributing factor are technological advancements. A surveyor had a presentation in my Trig class a few weeks ago, and explained that a long time ago, it took four men a day to do the work that one man and a $50,000 tracker device do in an hour.

    When the world eventually reaches its pop cap and expansion is no longer possible on Earth, these advancements will become futile, and socialism will continue to develop in a continued sense, and people will be more capable of aspiring to their aspirations, working if they wish to, while machines perform low/mid class labor.

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