Wii Wii mon parénts

Last night, I helped my mom set up her game system. It reminded me of the year we got a computer/game system for the house at Christmas and my parents would play games too. My mom and dad competed against each other for VG superiority in shooting, pool, lazer hockey, ping pong, and various other games on the Wii Play disk. I can see that Marcela and I will have some competition on the Mario Kart once my mom and dad get up to speed.


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3 responses to “Wii Wii mon parénts

  1. I wanna Wii Bowl with your Dad – the ‘Atom Splitter’. If he’s as competitive at Wii as he is with Taboo (a word game that we play sometimes at Life Group) then we may have some problems ! 😆

  2. When we bowled about a week or two back, my mom and Marcela beat both my dad and me. I was trying to many fancy shots and I just think my dad was too tired to try!

  3. Tammy

    When is the Wii party?

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