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Former NBA Official Testifies Lakers ’02 Championship Was Fixed

Tim Donaghy stated that the several NBA officials conspired to make sure that certain players were not ejected and a certain team won. The Lakers in the come from behind series win over Sacramento were the only team that fit the circumstances of which he spoke. The Lakers also got a lot of breaks against the Spurs in years past (this year as well).


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Sea World

We had it all planned out. We would see the Blue Horizons Dolphin Show, then ride the Kraken, then see Shamu, then the sharks, and then this that and the other. Unfortunately, we found out you should be in the seats about 30 or more minutes early to see the shows or they reach capacity. So we did get to see the Dolphin shown the penguin and shark encountersn Marcela fed the stingrays and the Dolphins, we saw the polar bears, baluga whales, and walruses, and we rode the Kraken twice. Then it starts storming bigtime and we found our plans to take as little into the park as we needed was a bad plan. Our ponchos are in the car!

The Shamu show is cancelled (boooo!) and we are sitting in the floor of the deli trying to wait out the storm with a few hundred others. The dolphin show was a blast and much better than Seaquarium. We got to see almost everything we wanted except Shamu, but I sure wish it would stop raining.

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