Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • I arrived at the theater to find David Corrado on the street putting up signs and flags for LPC, my mom working in the lobby, and the set up crew totally transforming the theater to the LPC worship center. They do an awesome job every week.
  • As a special treat for the men on this Father’s Day, there were two XBox 360’s with Guitar Hero available for anyone to play.
  • Jesse was in the Pier 2 getting the sound, lighting, and instruments ready, and Billy was tuning up the bass.
  • The 9 AM service was rockin this morning. There have been a great number of people who have made the switch to 9 AM in order to make room for the new people who will attend at 10:30 AM.
  • There were several babies dedicated in the 9 AM service and a special presentation by 3 young ladies in an interpretive dance to honor fathers on “Man’s Day”.
  • We sang Your Love is Amazing, Trading My Sorrows, Holy is the Lord, and I Could Sing of Your Love Forever (to the tune of Crash by Dave Matthews Band).
  • Mike was on the drums, Jesse led from the guitar, Billy was on the bass, and I played keys this week.
  • The intro video was freakin hilarious! Paul’s son is a natural on the camera, and may have a future in Stand-up. You gotta check out the vid.
  • Pastor Trav spoke on the Funk of Suffering.
  • Through suffering you can actually appreciate life, and know that your suffering is felt by God.
  • Trav caught my attention when he said he knows that many of the father’s in attendance today had a drug problem. My jaw hit the ground. Then he said “Your wife drug you to church.” 🙂
  • Once again, following the message, Pastor Trav took questions via text messages to asklpc-at-gmail-dot-com.

For different perspectives on this Sunday morning’s service, visit Pastor Trav’s Wrap Up, Chris’ Sunday Morning Salad, or Jesse From the Stage.


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2 responses to “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  1. Great job Phil ! You captured Sunday morning at the LPC brilliantly through your point-of-view. I’m glad that the ‘Talk Soup’ is back after taking a well-deserved week off last week.

    I loved ‘Praise & Worship’ this morning. Once upon a time I knew none of those songs, but I sang along anyway by following the bouncing ball on the big screen. Nowadays I’ve got most of those awesome songs memorized, so I can sing along loud and proud without staring at the screen. We always sound great as we ‘Praise & Worship’ Him !

  2. Ela

    Phil I love reading your blog but most of all I love you guys. I was verry happy when I read that you and Marcela had taking your trip you guys need time to yourselfs and have fun.:)
    I can’t wait until Sundays go live so that can I see and hear praise and worship I miss that sooooo much. I’m saying…..
    Keep blogging I’ll keep reading.!!!

    Love ya,


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