Holy mackerel!

12 pound King Mackerel, Boynton Beach

This morning, a Christian brother from work and I went to Boynton Beach to do some fishing. The dolphin bite was on! Unfortunately, they were all under sized peanuts, but we did manage to get one keeper. I also told the captain that I had never caught a King Mackerel. He said that I was pretty much guaranteed to get one. He was right! I caught a nice little 12 pound kingfish. We had a great time, caught a few fish, told some stories, and met some new friends. Captain Clay did a great job and is a super nice guy. I look forward to another trip up this way for some more kings, dolphin, and maybe Wahoo next time.

On a sad note, my vacation ends when my head hits the pillow. I go back to work in the morning.


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6 responses to “Holy mackerel!

  1. Ela


  2. Anne J

    Nice fish…nice way to end your vacation. Night, night.

  3. billyfinch


  4. Please allow me to ask these especially naive questions on behalf of my fellow brothers and sisters who are fishing-impaired:

    What do you do with the fish that you catch ? Do you throw them back in the water ? Do you take them home with you ? Do you sell them ? Do you freeze them ? Do you cook them ? Are they edible ? What do they taste like ? Enquiring minds (who never fish) wanna know. I wanna know ! 😯

  5. Eat them. 🙂 They are good cooked or raw. I pan seared the kingfish, and I like to make fajitas out of the dolphin. I still have it in the fridge for tomorrow. They taste incredible when they are that fresh. Fresh King Mackerel is similar to salmon, dolphin is the closest fish to the texture of chicken with a mild flavor. Snapper and grunt are white and extremely mild tasting. I prefer grouper, but they are not easy to target. I think you just get kind of lucky when you get a grouper while bottom fishing. Unless you know the time of year and the location to get them.

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