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Friday’s Greatest Hits

I plan on making this a regular blog entry every Friday where I review some links to news, sports, and some of my favorite reading of the previous 7 days. I was inspired by the quick hits that several other bloggers use and Chris Day‘s Friday Night Blogroll Review.

I loved reading Trav’s Sunday recap with the baptism pics. I wish I could have been there myself.

The Major gave us the heads up on the new stores being added to the Homestead pavilion at Campbell Drive and the Turnpike.

Billy Barue gives his 10 most influential guitarists in an entry titled “Guitar Heroes Part II.

Jesse put up a great picture of Master Blake and Master Diego. These two are going to do something great!

Kelly put up a couple of cute videos starring McKenna and Kourtney. My favorite is Kelly discovering Trav with Blake in the crocodile infested waters of Biscayne Bay.

Marcela made a guest appearance with The Life Pointe Talk Soup this week. She will be gone for the next 3 weeks, so I will have to find someone to fill in for her.

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