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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup, on a Monday

Guest writer “Ol’ Atom-Splitter” handled the duties of writing the Talk Soup for Life Pointe‘s Sunday service(s) at the theater. The guest writer has also tried to rebrand my blog entry “The Sunday Brunch”. I’ll let it stand as written, but be advised that the blog entry will remain “Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup” for all future entries.

Sunday Brunch
by ol’ atom-splitter

Filling in for The Citizen Cane, it’s yours truly, the Ol’ Atom-Splitter, AKA Anne’s Husband and Trav’s and Phil’s Dad.The 9am servicio was mui bien bueno. (Like my Spanglish?) Jesse and Alex strummed dueling guitars, Rebecca tickled the ivories, Bill plucked the bass, Ritzcracker drummed and Reina, Kyle and Julie vocalized on “Those Who Trust”, “Holy Is The Lord”, “Mighty To Save” and others.
We said goodbye to a very involved volunteer, Ollie Rodriguez, who is returning to New Orleans, from whence she came to Homestead after Hurricane Katrina. Anyone who meets Ollie is blessed from the encounter. She has never failed to say something encouraging to me every time we have even the briefest conversation. We already miss her greatly. Jonathan was overheard to say Life Pointe was losing a key person, but we know God will provide others to fill in the empty slots she fills. I say “others” because it very well may take more than one to fill her niche.


Hattie was overhead saying that the message by Pastor Trav was the best she had heard him give. That is saying a lot since he so consistently connects when he steps up to the plate/pulpit. He led with a humorous children’s poem by Silverstein, “Hungry Mungry”. The poem allegorizes about a kid with a humongus appetite that caused him to consume everything, concluding with himself. That’s temptation. Enough is never enough. Yielding continuously to temptation makes one unrecognizable and grotesque. Resist the devil, but run away from temptation. Our Advocate, the Holy Spirit, helps us to see temptation for what it is and, if we listen to Him, will help us not merely love Jesus, but live for Jesus, our walk matching our talk.


It didn’t merely rain during the 1030 am service, the sky poured buckets of water with lots of wind, thunder and lightning. It gave a cozy warm feeling to be in the House Of God, AKA Flagship Cinema. Our faith and fellowship and God’s Presence turns it into a Sanctuary every time we congregate there. That’s one the many beautiful things about Life-Pointe that is drawing more and more people to Jesus. Despite the inclement weather we had over 400 today.
 Thanks for partaking of the Ol’ Atom-Splitter’s Sunday Brunch.

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