The Summer Sports Dead Zone

Every year in late June through the end of August, sports fans, with the exception of die hard baseball fans, experience what could be described as a sports “Dead Zone”. With the end of NCAA Basketball in March and the NBA finals in June, NFL is still months away, and college football doesn’t start until September. OUCH! So we will just sit around and watch reruns on ESPN Classic, Sunshine and FSN dreaming of endzones and pigskins. Baseball is fine for playoffs, but the regular season is Boring, with a capital B. Tennis and golf are OK, but nothing to get your blood pumping every day. We need longer football seasons. No! We need two football seasons. 🙂 The crazy thing is how long the NHL season runs, yet I don’t even watch.


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13 responses to “The Summer Sports Dead Zone

  1. thebodnerone

    Yeah, and it doesn’t get any better if your baseball team (the Reds) blow. I find myself browsing NFL forums and getting excited at the smallest cuts or signings in the NFL during this time. I can hardly wait until training camp starts this month.


  2. 54 days until football . . . : (

  3. Watch Arena Football dude.

  4. I do, it’s just not the same . . .

  5. I root for the Marlins, and even if they had a winning percentage over 700 it is still hard to get excited about one game. One game in baseball means nothing until the end of the year. Basketball is exciting enough to watch one game and enjoy it. Football is just great, and even preseason is good. Arena football is fun if you attend, but it’s not so great for watching start to finish.

  6. Arena football is okay on TV, but nothing beats the cold hard hitting of the NFL. Baseball games are long, boring, and meaningless until the playoffs, and NBA games are 1 on 1 with four guys standing around unless you’re watching an elite team.
    Like I said, 54 days until my giants kill the redskins on a thursday.

  7. Also, hockey is great to watch. The playoffs this year were amazing.

  8. Hockey is fun, but the closest team (Florida Panthers) is now playing in Ft. Lauderdale. I live just south of Miami, so that’s more than a 1 hour drive. The games are not broadcast very much. I find it not to be exciting on TV unless it’s the playoffs or an important game.

    I love football, and I’m disappointed that they moved the Hurricanes to Dolphin Stadium (old Joe Robbie Stadium) on the Miami-Dade/Broward county line. That is almost an hour north. I will watch two lousy teams that I’m not even interested in play football.

  9. Here’s the thing with Hockey, unlike football, where arguably watching it on tv is better than being there (angles, replays), being at a hockey game is a completely different and amazing experience. The sounds alone, and the fact it’s much easier to follow the puck.

  10. I’ve been to about 5 fights in which Hockey games broke out, and yes, it was awesome. I prefer to attend football games than to watch on TV, but I do like the replays on TV. The experience of being at a big game (and I have been to a bunch of big games, especially college games) is only understood by being there. Just talking about this is getting me excited!

  11. that joke is way too old, and hockey was great this year. If you have good tickets to a football game, it’s good, but otherwise see it on TV for the replays and angles.

  12. Victor

    Arena football is minor league football….

  13. Kinda. NFL Europe was officially minor league football, but you see very few NFL players comparatively in the AFL. On the other hand, AFL is to the NFL as ABA is to the NBA.

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