Friday’s Greatest Hits

This is the entry that highlights some of my favorite reading and web hits for the previous seven days. There are some real high quality posts available to choose from this week.

Jesse talks about his time here in Miami, his expectations moving from Chicago, and declares that he loves it!

Ritz (aka Frank) tells his story about a little confrontation with one of the radio personalities from “The Call” on the air! It’s all good fun.

Pastor Travis started an interesting discussion on middle names. This was one of the most fun and funniest threads.

The Major spills his brains! This is his most spontaneous blog entry of the week; he plans it that way.

Billy Finch posts his “I (heart) Homestead” 4th of July edition with a few pictures from the event.

David Corrado gives a rundown of his Tuesday night life group and some of his thoughts about knowing God.

Guest writer Ol’ Atom Splitter gives his rundown of Sunday’s service at Life Pointe on this very blog.

Kelly’s blog get’s the Citizen Cane’s prestigious EIB award (Excellence in Blogging) for the week for her high quality entries about her church and family.
In part one, Kelly blogs “The Many Faces of McKenna”.

In Part 2, Kelly gives her Sunday Life Pointe review a name, “The Chick-kabob”. Great work Kelly!

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