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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • Day 15 of bachelorhood was spent at church.
  • I arrived 7:45 at the theater to find set up in full swing.
  • I saw David out on the street setting up signs and flags again, and the early set up folks were kicking it off, and the late night crew already had the core of the pier 2 set up completed.  Those guys are awesome.
  • In practice, we talked about having dueling drums, but there was only one set on the floor when I set up.  Alex came in a little later and let me know that I would need to relocate so he could set up his two-piece trap.  The forced relocation, along with the keyboard played by Rebecca on the other side landed me on stage beside Jesse.  I made it to the spotlight!
  • On drums, Ritz played electric with Alex on his two-piece.  The acoustic sound was great and I already have confirmation that it will be returning.  Rebecca Longtemps was on the keys, Jesse on the acoustic guitar, and I was on the bass.
  • For the worship set, we sang “In the Name of Love” by U2, “Your Love is Amazing” (1030 only), “Better Days”, and “Say So”.  For communion we sang “Mighty to Save“.
  • I loved corporate worship today.  People were participating, and the atmosphere seemed totally energized.  God and his love was totally the focus, and it was so cool to see people excited for Jesus.
  • While people greeted each other, Kyle spit some serious rhymes!  That’s right, Rappers Delight, it was tight!
  • The intro video was the best to date.  I especially liked Joe Porter’s smirk while he was being beaten to a pulp.  It’s funny to see all the recurring characters too.
  • Got Funk? The message was on conflict.  Pastor Trav explained that the Apostle Paul did not run from conflict, that he actually called out Peter in front of the church for requiring unnecessary requirements on new believers. The question is not how to avoid conflict, but how to manage it in a Godly fashion.
  • I enjoyed seeing new faces once again, meeting new people, and seeing old friends for the first time in a while.


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