Powdered Thoughts

  • I am seriously tired! I just got back from a fishing trip to Islamorada with my friend Tony on the Sea King. We caught yellowtail, mangrove snapper, lots of grunt, and got snapped off several times by mackerel and ‘cuda.
  • I drank 5 of the 20 ounce bottles of water while out, but I still got overwhelmed by the heat. I actually got really sick when we got back. It was a combination of the heat and the fumes from the diesel engine on the boat.
  • Marcela will be back in 2 days! I can’t wait. That makes today the 19th day of my bachelorhood.
  • I have been experiencing record blog traffic for the past two weeks. I am currently the number one search on Google for the Top 5 Muscle Cars, top 5 rock guitar solos, most annoying songs, beetlejuice shrunken head, and differences ways to cook fish for dinner. I did not alter the search terms, so you can save your comments about my grammar.
  • I will be working over the next couple weeks to create a fantasy football league for the LPC folks. If you think you can hang with Pastor Trav and yours truly, join up and prepare for a beating.
  • I have to clean the house between today and tomorrow. Marcela is going to kill me if I don’t. 🙂  If I told you that my plan was to leave the house a wreck so that Marcela would not want to go away again, I was only kidding.
  • I was worried about our little hermit crab “Obi” because I haven’t seen him since Marcela left. I dug around in his cage and has been burrowed in his sand for the last 3 weeks. He’s ok! He must not like my company as much as Marcela’s. So I took him out of the sand and he just dug back down again. Oh well.
  • This weekend’s “Saturday Top 5” is going to be one of the biggest undertakings in this blog’s existence. I will see if I can pull it off without being too presumptuous. Please don’t be angry with me if it does not include something that it should. But it will be big!
  • Sunday I will be working so I will try to have a guest writer take on the Talk Soup. For some reason, guest writers just can’t get it done on Sunday. I guess it’s just my dedication to bringing you excellence in blogging and being the first with the most! Right Chris?


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5 responses to “Powdered Thoughts

  1. Ela

    Don’t only clean the house, do groceries, laundry, change the sheets and towels. Make sure the bathrooms shine and if you did any cooking don’t leave pots and pans inside the dishwasher and if you have anything in there make sure they are clean and put them away. Ok did I leave anything out, anyone out there?

    As per you and Chris, got nothing to say:)

  2. What on Earth are you talking about LL Phil J ? Guest writers just can’t get it done ? Surely you jest ! Marcela and J.T. are honorary members of the E.I.B. (‘Excellence In Blogging’). They both filled in wonderfully for you during your absences. Let the Ol’ Atom Splitter J.T. take over the (computer) keyboard this Sunday. He will take your ‘Talk Soup’ to the next level of excellence ! And that’s the bottom line because C.M.D. said so !

  3. Ol’ Atom Splitter and Marcela are excellent guest writers. I just don’t know if I can guarantee the blog to be completed on Sunday. Yes, they get it done, but not on Sunday. I’m the one there first with the most!

  4. You may be there (online) ‘first’, but as far as ‘most’ is concerned – that’s highly subjective mi amigo. It’s quality – not quantity that matters Pedro. 🙄

  5. Quality is totally subjective. It’s subject to my opinion, which is clinically proved to be right 97.3% of the time.

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