Monday Morning Shenanigans

After staying up way past my bedtime last night installing new apps on Marcela’s BlackBerry, I woke up at 4 am to the sound of my own voice yelling at me from across the room on my alarm. Marcela thinks it’s the most annoying alarm in history, and I just consider it to be the most effective. I goofed off a little too long on the internet this morning, so I was running 10 minutes behind schedule. Late, even by 1 second, at my job is unacceptable. After 4 lates, you are unemployed. After 1 and 1/2 years here at Turkey Point I have yet to be late.

My plan for avoiding lates at work is that I must be on the road by 5:15, not one second later. I am usually driving by 5:05, and it takes roughly 10 minutes to get to the plant on a normal day, and then another 5 minutes to process into the plant. Briefing starts at 5:40 sharp, so that leaves me with a 10 minute cushion for getting my equipment and paperwork when I leave at 5:15. I usually use that 10-15 minutes for a cup of coffee too. I subtract 10 minutes from my start time during the outages due to increased traffic.

Because I was running late this morning, I didn’t get a chance to eat my breakfast at home. I took some scrambled eggs in a small container for breakfast, which I ate prior to briefing in the break room. Marcela will find the frying pan this morning when she wakes up. I also had to put my lunch together this morning, which is part of my morning ritual. That ritual includes getting up at 4AM to read some blogs, message boards, and emails, shower and shave, iron my uniform, polish up my shoes, cook breakfast and lunch, turn on the birdies’ lights, and kiss Marcela goodbye for the day. I hop in the car and listen to my music on the way to work.

So here it is, 6:46 AM as I type, having armed up and relieved the night shifter, completed my paper work, inventory, and radio check. The rest of the day is usually in cruise control when I get in an easy rotation.

Many times I accomplish more on a Monday by 7 AM than some people do all day. 🙂


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4 responses to “Monday Morning Shenanigans

  1. P.J.,
    You captured the true spirit of the ‘Shenanigans’. It was fun reading and a cool insight into a typical work day morning in your Life. Good work mi amigo !
    Now go and check out my ‘Monday Night Countdown’. I did a TOP 5 on movies ! 😀

  2. Thanks, I had to do something to counter your blogging shenanigans. We swapped our Saturdays and put them on Mondays. 🙂

  3. Actually, you were supposed to get mad at me, not compliment me.

  4. When I first saw the title ‘Monday Morning Shenanigans’ come across My Yahoo I laughed hysterically for several minutes. I don’t mind if you get inspired by the weekly features on my blog – just put them on different days than I have them. It’s not like my blog is very original to begin with. Travis inspired me. 😀

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