Wednesday Quotable

To each of us, our problems seem so great.  In a sense, they are, because only we experience our own problems.  We hear of other people’s tragedy and hard times and give it a brief thought, then we go about our lives.  Many times we go on complaining and whimpering about our issues while we really do not have it bad.  Socrates, the Greek philosopher is credited with a great line that is so relevant.

If all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap, whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be content to take their own and depart.

– Socrates


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3 responses to “Wednesday Quotable

  1. Ela

    It seems that maybe I have taken a double dose:)

  2. Ela, I have never experienced you complaining. You are a remarkable example of giving and loving in spite of difficulties which would have destroyed so many others.

  3. Ela

    I have to pull on HIS strenght sooooo much, I am blessed that he does carry me. Yesterday Anne told me I had GUTS to be going thru this medication without that much complaninig and still doing my work. Then again I have to be not as much for me but for my family that encurages me so much. That’s why I love you all.

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