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The EIB Award

For now, “Friday’s Greatest Hits” has been laid to rest. The EIB Award for Excellence In Blogging will live on. I am sure that I am setting a bad precedent this week for giving the award to a copycat entry. Jesse’s “Facts You Didn’t Know About Me” series has been great, but this week Pastor Trav will receive the EIB award this week for sharing with us some of his “Autobiographical Minutia“. This one could go on for years. Why? Because not only does Trav have some funny and sometimes shocking experiences to share, but he also has the gift of making the stories larger than life. 🙂

Cograts Trav!

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Friday Bottom 3: Bubble Gum Flavors

Here is a new feature on blog.  Each Friday, I will count down the bottom 3 of whatever subject I select.  This week’s topic is the 3 flavors of gum that should have never been created.

I will give one for the honorable mention….

Rootbeer – The reason rootbeer does not make the bottom 3 is because sometimes I actually think it tastes good.  As a drink, it’s great.  As a dum dum flavor, it’s pretty good.  As a bubble gum flavor, it’s not that good.

#3 Peppermint – This is a taste that is made for after dinner or candy canes only.  The peppermint bubblegum tends to remind me of pepto.  Like Earnest P Worrell said, eeeeeeeewwww.

#2 Dubble Bubble – I am not sure if it is the ultra sweet taste or the unintentional hint of banana (which would actually be a good flavor) that makes this a bad flavor, but DB just does not have a very appealing taste.  Bazooka Joe is not really that much better either.

#1 Watermelon – Nasty!  For one, watermelon bubblegum doesn’t taste like watermelon.  And secondly, it is disgusting.  Who came up with the idea?


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