Friday Bottom 3: Bubble Gum Flavors

Here is a new feature on blog.  Each Friday, I will count down the bottom 3 of whatever subject I select.  This week’s topic is the 3 flavors of gum that should have never been created.

I will give one for the honorable mention….

Rootbeer – The reason rootbeer does not make the bottom 3 is because sometimes I actually think it tastes good.  As a drink, it’s great.  As a dum dum flavor, it’s pretty good.  As a bubble gum flavor, it’s not that good.

#3 Peppermint – This is a taste that is made for after dinner or candy canes only.  The peppermint bubblegum tends to remind me of pepto.  Like Earnest P Worrell said, eeeeeeeewwww.

#2 Dubble Bubble – I am not sure if it is the ultra sweet taste or the unintentional hint of banana (which would actually be a good flavor) that makes this a bad flavor, but DB just does not have a very appealing taste.  Bazooka Joe is not really that much better either.

#1 Watermelon – Nasty!  For one, watermelon bubblegum doesn’t taste like watermelon.  And secondly, it is disgusting.  Who came up with the idea?


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7 responses to “Friday Bottom 3: Bubble Gum Flavors

  1. Watermelon bubble gum is great and double bubble is too

  2. mastranman97

    That is the same bottom three i would of selected

  3. boggartblog

    Can’t say I’m a Bubble Gum fan but you have given me a great idea – I’ use my UK blog so we don’t clash and ask people to give me the worst ice cream flavour they can imagine – with a starter to kick them off of Tuna Fish and Coffee.

    Could be fun.

  4. xcaroline

    I love watermelon and peppermint! My favs 🙂

  5. Love your topic. I think you’re way off on your choices, though. There are some old-fashioned gums that kill these choices. Have you ever tried Cloves gum? Great, if you have a toothache. Cloves numbs the gums, so to speak. Also, there is some kind of black licorice gum. There are other gums that aren’t even sweet.

    All of the mint gums serve the same purpose as your breath mint, but probably work even better. My personal favorite in that category is Stride. Have you ever seen their website, with the kid who dances around the world? Way cool.

    Anyway, look forward to your next bottom feeders.
    Nate Lee

  6. Nate, I have tasted Cloves. You are correct; it is disgusting. It’s chewing gum, so I didn’t consider it in the category of bubble gum. I may be splittling hairs on that one, but if I were considering all types of gum, Cloves would be way up there and none of my three would have been listed.

  7. I can’t chew gum without swallowing it; therefore, I don’t chew gum.

    I need to somehow work in ‘Bubble Gum’ into a ‘Bedtime Story’ over on my blog. 🙄

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